Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes twin pillars of ash

June 26, 2012KAMCHATKAThe Shiveluch Volcano, which is currently erupting in Kamchatka, threw up two pillars of ash, to a height of 6.5 km. It has been assigned an aviation hazard level of code orange according to the Geological Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The ash particles can damage to aircraft engines and mechanisms and caused an aviation disaster. Seismic activity is above the norm but there is no danger to human settlements. Shiveluch has seen increased since May 2009. –VOR
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4 Responses to Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes twin pillars of ash

  1. Roy Hinkley says:

    Getting closer. Big quake happening very soon at Kamchatka.


  2. Rydan says:

    Quake 5.2 on USGS


  3. flameofjudah says:

    I’m in complete agreement/


  4. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Is this the island that Japan was hoping to evacuate their people to when they were having discussions with Russia? Oh by the way, we may need to evacuate 40 milion people?


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