Harmonic seismic tremors continue under El Hierro volcanic island

June 26, 2012CANARY ISLANDSWhile the unusually strong earthquake swarm under El Hierro Island continues, harmonic volcanic tremor has reappeared short time ago at about 16h10 UTC. The tremor, a low-frequency ground vibration, is thought to be caused by moving magma. It had been strong yesterday and correlated well with a southward propagation of earthquake locations, suggesting that magma at about 20 km depth flew from underneath the El Golfo area towards the EL Julan (south) coast, in a similar way as before the Oct 2011 eruption, but became blocked there, and did not reach the southern rift zone near La Restinga. After the cease of tremor in the afternoon, earthquakes still continued at high rate, marking a record figure with over 180 quakes larger than M2 yesterday alone, and more than 150 quakes larger than M1.5 so far today. In other words, pressure continued to cause wide-spread rock fracturing underground and cause small intrusions of fluids. Now, the re-appearance of tremor could mean that magma is moving again somewhere underneath the island. Where to and whether or not it might reach the surface and initiate a new eruption is difficult to know at the moment. It is essential to continue to monitor location and magnitude of earthquakes. –Volcano Discovery 
Update: Over 220 earthquakes in 24 hours: The volcano monitoring network monitoring 24 hours of National Geographic Institute (IGC) has recorded on Tuesday on the island of El Hierro, specifically in the municipalities of Frontera and El Pinar, a total of 221 earthquakes. The largest, recorded at 16.50 and 16.35 hours and at a depth of 19 kilometers, had a magnitude of 3.5 degrees on the Richter scale and were felt by the population of border southwest and west of El Pinar. Also, on Wednesday and have been recorded on the island of Meridian a total of 65 earthquakes of between 3.4 and 1.6 degrees, Frontera and El Pinar. The elderly, and felt by the population, took place at 00.11 and 02.27 hours southwest of the town of Frontera and about 19 kilometers deep and 20 respectively. –Noticias (translated)
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15 Responses to Harmonic seismic tremors continue under El Hierro volcanic island

  1. yamkin says:



  2. Vegeta9000 says:

    We must rise the question that what if this damn thing continues to cause problems in the canary islands. That western wall could slide into the ocean and boy oh boy I don’t want to think about the results of this. I think that someone must spread the word out to get the east coast (as well as britain and europe) ready for the possible worst case scenario.


  3. Roy Hinkley says:

    This little Island is a scary beast. Mega-tsunami generator.


  4. Hé bien, ça fait fait un bon bout de temp que ce moment est attendu et 2012 est une année exceptionnelle de toutes sortes de faits qui fait peur !


  5. Wiseguy says:

    We were witness of Asian Tsunami, Haiti earthquake, Japan tsunami and earthquake, are we going to be witness of one of the worst cataclism in modern human history, a mega-tsunami wiping out the east coast… The swarm just doesn’t stop, magma is moving !!!


  6. It would be prudent to remember the 1949 quake that put a massive rift in the island and dropped the western section 3 meters in some areas. The volcano has also turned the ancient horizontal sediment rock layers into vertical layers over time, making them more vulnerable to steam and water pressure and reducing stability. As a fiction writer, I used this island in an apocolyptic novel because the devestating reality it can deliver on America’s eastern seaboard is far more frightening than anything in my imagination. I have been watching this for years. If it continues, difficulty will follow. -DKP


  7. Rob says:

    You all may want to take a closer look at the GlobalIncidentReport’s Quake page & zoom in real close to the HIGHLY unusual, perfect grid pattern, nearly a checkerboard pattern to these quakes. I’ve been monitoring quakes, Worldwide, for quite some time & this is NOT normal…..just sayin……


    • Roy Hinkley says:

      You are correct but not entirely. 300,000 years ago part of El Hierro fell into the sea causing a mega tsunami.

      “That the Canaries constitute a danger was shown 300 000 years ago when a part of the island El Hierro slid into the sea, triggering a mega-tsunami which carried rocks as high as a house for many hundreds of metres into the interior of the east coast of what is today the USA. The danger of a similar island collapse is seen by scientists particularly at the island of La Palma in the Canaries.”

      All Islands of the Canaries pose a risk.


  8. Mikey says:

    Oh dear I don’t like this. Another quake in the Azores today too. There seems to be alot of activity in the Atlantic.


  9. Rob says:

    Granny Bear-Yeah, La Palma is the ‘Bigger Badder Billy Goat Gruff’ but this one should NOT be taken lightly either. A “smaller” Tsunami than generated by the same catastrophic event on La Palma would still be “problem” for the East Coast. TEP-What are your thoughts on the ‘checkerboard pattern’ to the quakes, if you don’t mind my asking.


  10. nanoduck says:

    Wonder if the entire island will blow up. That would cause an very epic tsumani.


  11. Andy says:

    Don’t worry be happy!It is more likely to be killed by a car accident than by a big tsunami coming across the Atlantic Ocean. Stick to the scientific facts and keep cool.


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