5 Responses to Decisive action? Turkey mobilizes troops and heavy equipment on Syrian border

  1. Desiree says:

    I got a report on fb this morning that Turkish and British forces were already on the ground inside Syria


  2. John Durango says:

    Step by step the action plan is in place…false flags and false pretenses will lead to the beginning of a face off between Russia, Syria, Iran and China Vs NATO and Saudi Arabia in the background the worst offender of western principals and the leader in wanting to destroy all Shiites. How does the USA get involved in these no win wars….Wasn’t Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan along with the failed Egypt, Libya and several other small countries who are headed for Islamic control enough of a lesson. Congress must make the next decision not NATO….


  3. truth_seeker says:

    I keep reading lately how the Erdogan is so close to the US etc. There are pictures of Al-Assad and Erdogan who previously had a seemingly close relationship. I have felt for a while that Turkey is the country to watch as its right next to the Middle East yet is almost considered part of Europe. It has links to EU/Nato/UN etc – yet is anti-Israel which contradicts the stance of many countries that are linked to it. With Turkey its hard to see who their true allegience lies with/why. And if any one country was gonna end up intervening with Syria I have thought for a long time it would be Turkey that ended up pushing for action. If so it will be a lot harder for international arguments if they claim their at risk etc as they are neighbours and still players on the world stage. Who knows how this will end up but this doesn’t surprise me at all.


  4. GBucello says:

    What should really trouble the public is Turkey’s deployment of MLRS rocket batteries along their border. Unlike AA guns, which are strictly defensive, and tanks, which can really be used either way, MLRS batteries are inherently offensive weapons, and the more that these weapons are deployed, the more likely it is that they will be used. Turkey stands to lose its legitimacy as the victim in this skirmish with Syria if they start raining rockets on their neighbors. http://bit.ly/KOCvo5


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