Storm chasers track supercell and large tornado in South Dakota with softball size hail

June 25, 2012 SOUTH DAKOTA TVN storm chasers Reed Timmer, Dick McGowan, Chris Chittick and Chad Cowan intercepted a violent tornado in extreme southwestern South Dakota on June 22, 2012! This was two days before the first tornadoes touched down in Florida with Tropical Storm Debby. –Youtube
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9 Responses to Storm chasers track supercell and large tornado in South Dakota with softball size hail

  1. Rep says:

    Seems like big, unusual Hail is what the deal is this year…hate to see what it is next year.


  2. T in TX says:

    This cloud looks similar to the one in Japan.


  3. carolyn says:

    I hope I never see one of these……


  4. Steven says:

    I live in South Dakota and this is the first I’ve heard of this! Luckily I live in the SE cornerof the state. Still, we do get some nasties like that around here, so it doesn’t seem like that big of a news story. :-/


  5. Marie says:

    This afternoon a violent, freak storm swept through my hometown of Richmond, Virginia, causing widespread damage and spawning a possible tornado, which are very rare here. It felt like a miniature hurricane and was a bit frightening.


  6. sarah says:

    softball hail is pretty common with tornadoes


  7. miget says:

    I know why this never really made the news. It is due to the fact that the SW corner of the state of SD is forgotten about a lot of the time. We live here in a very rural area that people do not care about. Did you hear about the 10,000 acre grass fire early this spring?? Other then locally things that happen in Fall River Co (unless it is the Miss SD pageant) don’t matter. The local paper didn’t even have it in the first section of the paper (that was all about Miss SD) it didn’t even make the first part of the 2nd section of the paper. It was buried deep.


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