Second wildfire rages across Utah: 39,000 acres goes up in flames

June 25, 2012UTAHUtah’s fire worries have worsened. While firefighters marched closer to fully containing the blaze that has burned over 6,000 acres on the western edge of Utah County, another fire erupted Sunday afternoon in Sanpete County that destroyed 25-30 structures on Sunday, forced the closure of Highway 89 and caused more than 500 homes to be evacuated. The Sanpete fire, known as the Wood Hollow fire, started Saturday afternoon but took an aggressive turn on Sunday as the fire grew to burn more than 39,000 acres and was listed by fire officials as being only 4 percent contained. “This is not good,” stated Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, in a phone interview as he watched the fire from Indianola. “It seems after talking to fire experts at both fires that they are all commenting this seems worse than what happened at Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain.” Chaffetz posted on his Twitter account Sunday night that he could see one Sanpete home already on fire and that there were more homes nearby that could be threatened by the flames. “The fire crews have a lot of assets right now to fight the fire but there is also a lot of wind,” Chaffetz said. All residents West of Highway 89 from Indianola north to the county line were under mandatory evacuation. Evacuated areas include Oaker Hills, Elk Ridge, Indian Ridge, Indianola, Panorama, Big Hollow and Hideaway Valley in Sanpete County. Evacuees were told to go to North Sanpete High School in Mt. Pleasant where the Red Cross would be on hand to help those in need. The Utah County Sheriff’s office evacuated campers in Payson Canyon due to the Wood Hollow Fire. The sheriff’s office stated that there was a viable threat to the campers due to the proximity of the fire and felt it was best to have them evacuate the area. Highway 89 is closed north of Fairview to the county line at milemarker 297. –KSL
contribution by Cody S.
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8 Responses to Second wildfire rages across Utah: 39,000 acres goes up in flames

  1. sKeptical citizen says:

    And if it rains all those burned of areas will erode causing more damage. Its so dry here in arkansas you can hear the grass crunch as you walk on it. No dew in the morning. Its a tinder box waiting for a spark.


    • Deb says:

      Yes, been like that for about three weeks. I finally gave in and watered because I live next to a busy road and worry about cig butts being thrown!


  2. Irene C says:

    The Southeast is under a deluge of rain and the West is bone dry and on fire. We haven’t had much rain in Ohio either and my grass is starting to look like hay. We were suppose to get rain yesterday, I kept watching the radar, but as the rain approached, it disappeared. The last time I looked, we were under a moderate drought. We have a lot of trees in our neighborhood and a lot of ignorant people who don’t understand what a drought is. Praying for rain.



  3. Cris says:

    1st time poster – been following your sight. I love it, Thanks for all your work Alvin. I check it daily.

    Talk about fires – Colorado is burning – Just tied the all time record high of 105, we have only reached that 2 other times in our history. We have over 10 fires buring at this time High Park Fire – 83,262 acres, Little Sand Fire -21,616 acres, State Line Fire – 350 acres Treasure Fire – 320 acres, Waldo Canyon Fire -3,446 acres, Weber Fire – 8,300 acres, Cr 101 Fire – 300 acres, Poison Creek Fire – doesn’t have acreage yet . Today another started at Last Chance, a town on the plains – burned over 38,000 acres, and still going. Inactive Fires are – •Hewlett Gulch Fire •Springer Fire
    •Sunrise Mine Fire •Woodland Heights Fire
    Climate is Changing ——– Mother Earth is waking ——
    God Bless


  4. pagan66 says:

    Thinking of & praying for all affected by these bushfires. I know exactly how heartbreaking they can be. With Love.


  5. Irene C says:

    I just heard on The Weather Channel that they are evacuating close to 12,000 people close to Colorado Springs. The wind shifted and it’s west of I-25, just south of the Air Force Academy, close to 5 miles away. Traffic is jammed because of the heavy smoke. I know you have people who follow you on here who are in that area. I am praying hard and close to tears. I am also praying for the fire fighters who are trying to contain it. There is also a fire in Montana, not far from Helena, if I heard right, that is 0% contained. I don’t know much about that one. This is all so heartbreaking.


    • Cris says:

      Thank you for your prayers. Houses are burning now in Colorado Springs – had wind gusts up there close to 60 mph. We also had another fire that started in Boulder – Its close to homes too. This is horrible!! We also had another 105 degree high. 5 days with above 100 degrees in a row.
      We are dry!! Praying for rain, not thunder storms as that is what started in Boulder.


  6. GM Jarrard says:

    More paleolithic digs recently uncovered near Price, Utah reveal Fremont Indian pithouses that were charred on top. Drought and fire go hand in hand; the partially underground pithouses were likely covered with sod with a roof entrance that served both as a doorway and as a chimney. The kivas at the Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde were also charred. Is history repeating itself?


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