New seismic swarm erupts at ElHierro, Canary Islands

June 25, 2012 CANARY ISLANDSAt El Hierro, Canary Islands, Spain, a new earthquake swarm seems to have started late tonight. The strongest earthquake being a M 3.1. In addition, double 4.7 magnitude earthquakes struck the Azores Island region, northwest of the Canary Islands. Earthquake Report

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21 Responses to New seismic swarm erupts at ElHierro, Canary Islands

  1. Rob says:

    Even though I grew up in the Pacific Northwest & currently live in the Austin, Texas area THAT Island has always made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It’s a ticking time bomb that all to few people are even aware of the existance of the Island itself, let alone it’s potential, catistrophic impact on the East Coast of the Americas. I wonder if that has anything to do with so much of the Government moving away from the East Coast & into Colorado….


  2. Therese D says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Azore Islands along with El Heirro. I agree that the Canaries have devastating potential. I think the East Coast has 2 worries honestly … El Heirro and the Carribean Plate and the New Madrid faultline. Something is on the move right now. Thank you again .. it is hard to get info on El Heirro …


  3. Rob, Colorado is burning right now. I’m south of there in New Mexico, wondering when the next smoke attack will come here from Colorado, southern New Mexico, so on.

    I wonder about these El Hierro little earthquakes. Is this something new this year or so, or is this a common thing we are just more aware of? Not sure at all one way or another. I wonder if Alvin has some thoughts whether this is a breakout event that’s been going on the past year, or business as usual. We get so many disaster reports now…is it just that more people are interested in disaster reporting now.
    I pray God will get us out of here soon….truly we need to pray for this. It is not shameful, knowing what’s coming, to pray for His help to escape…”come away my people, and hide yourself for a little while”….Isaiah, forget the numbers. Everyone scoffs at those who pray for this, as Peter the Apostle said they would.


    • merle says:

      To Mariel, There is a very informative site (if you don’t know already) and click on the El Hierro information…you will learn alot. I have been following the activity going on in El Hierro for quite awhile…if you look back to July 17, 2011 through October 11, 2011 they had atleast 10,000 earthquake swarms! El Hierro was quiet for alot of 2012 compared to this but I think it’s like the saying, “The calm before the storm.” We must not be complacent about anything for it WILL change in the blink of an eye! We must keep God close to us always.


    • jennifer says:

      Scoff all they want! WHO CARES!!?? I want to be on the other side of this mess standing firm with my awesome Lord and Savior knowing I’m safe!


  4. Rob: Right on target. One thing we must realize is that most people in the U.S. live in a box. They never think out side their own space. I agree that a lot of things are being moved, right under our noses, into areas that are far from the norm. Now I wonder if that is why Colorado is on fire. The first time that I saw the Rockies my first thought was; ” Wow, one hell of a fault line.” I don’t think I would want to live up there much less be underground in that area.


    • Lela says:

      Good Point never thought of the rookies or any mountain chain being a fault line but when you look up the up thrust some of those mountain formation has, it does make you wonder.


  5. Amy says:

    I am facinated by El Hierro and have been since the start of all the earthquakes. In fact, it was El Hierro that opened my eyes to what has been happening in our world, not only geology wise. When searching for information about El Hierro I had started coming across lots of information about politics, leaders, and wars. I was raised in a catholic church and when I was in my late teens did not go to church anymore and had not gone back for mass since. Very recently I picked up a bible and began looking at it. It’s not that I stopped believing in God all those years, I suppose my faith was not my priority. I still do not think that I need to go to church every Sunday , but I am going to make God a priority. I am going to pray for all of the bad going on in the world; maybe the Lord is waiting for enough people to pray before he makes the world a little better place to live.


    • Rod says:

      Amy, I was on the same path. A military carrer sidetracked me. I now give every spare minute to the bible and prayer. Raised a Catholic but now I know. There is no praying to mother Mary and there is no Holy Father here on this earth, Jesus is the only way and the key to everything. He spelled it all out and now has opened my eyes. Trust in Jesus and pray to God.


  6. Dawn says:

    Amy it is great that you want to have God as a priority in your life again. A relationship and belief in Jesus is what it is all about. The events of today from weather/ecology to finance, social issues, the push for a one world government and one world religion were all prophesied thousands of years ago. God didn’t leave us in the dark as to what is to come. Keep your eyes on the lord and remember that God is in control. God bless.


  7. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    The US Navy has a large naval installation at Norfolk and Virginia Beach Virginia also a very large munitions storage not far from the shore line. If the navy begins to move the munitions and ships from the area then they know something. If someone lives in the area might keep an eye and ear open to local actions of the navy. The navy could not afford to lose the munitions or ships.


    • Irene C says:

      @Texas Listening Post, Tony; having followed El Hierro (and La Palma), including the tsunami it would create, I’ve had the same thoughts. If all the ships leave at once – run. Unfortunately, (as Rob mentioned), most people don’t even know, or care, about those island chains or the Azores. Regardless, I’ve been talking about moving to the East Coast, possibly SC, when I retire. I love the ocean and know the risks. Keep a full tank of gas and a go-bag ready.

      Once again, I am so thankful for this site. Get to learn a lot here and keep up with what is really going on.



  8. chass says:

    Thank goodness I found this site… and like minded people!! I can’t help it but i feel a sense of urgency… I read my bible everyday and I pray that i will be found worthy when the lord comes.. I pray for all those who love him and await his comming too.. Things are starting to really take shape and i believe im not the only one feeling that something big is about to happen.. you know what i mean.. Im ready for the lord to come, I pray that he will soon…


  9. Rhonda says:

    @chass….I’ve been feeling the same way…something big is about to happen! Felt it really strong when I was sitting outside reading my Bible the other morning. It was pin drop quiet and all I could hear was a wolf howling in the distance. It was eery!


  10. Lisa says:

    Aren’t El Hierro and La Palma two different islands? I remember reading that La Palma was the one studied that could cause the huge tsunami. Is there the same threat from El Hierro or are they one and the same? Confused……..


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