12 Responses to Debt contagion risks rising in Argentina: residents withdrew $522 million dollars from bank accounts last week

  1. Joseph t. Repas says:

    I suppose the 64,000 dollar question…now inflated to 522 million dollars is…so when they took it out where did they put it? Did they purchase many items to try to beat the hyper inflation? I do not know of any investments that could beat their rate of inflation.Scary stuff.


  2. Dennis E. says:

    Hmm? Do I hear the sounds of an approaching Banking Holiday? This the third country(a fourth?) this year that the depositors have withdrew significant amounts of monies.
    Something’s up. I think a concern we all have is if currency we used is suddenly replaced, will it be worth the same value as the currency replaced? Will/could it take more of the new currency to pay my bills?
    I would guess that many of the people who withdrew monies probably kept some in their homes and in Greece there was a report of increased burglaries and probably will here too.

    Thank you for reading………


  3. Therese D says:

    Cartels are worth Billions .. I have heard that they are Global. I sometimes have to ask myself questions for a reality check. Course I don’t want to get the 2 mixed up .. Normal vs Cartel


  4. roni says:

    Is it me,or is this the most we’ve ever heard of countries needing bailouts all across the world,and practically,all at the same time….


  5. James says:

    There is a lot of things for concern in the world of today. We use local banks personally because we do not trust the big chain banks. I have not been on in a while and this is the first post I saw in my news feeds. I will be getting back online and visiting your site more. This has been seriously busy month for me and my family. Our son was born, I was sworn into office and now I am being harassed by the city. I posted a new blog with all of the details just now. I look forward to catching up on here with everyone.


    • Irene C says:

      Many blessings for your new son. I have a new grandson (3 weeks old) that I got to see today. And many prayers for your harassment problems.


      • James says:

        Thank you so much Irene. My son is about to be 12 days old so they are pretty close together. This is my mothers first grandchild. Thank you so much again, Ms. Irene…


  6. Jim Randall says:

    Alvin -my apologies. Here I am (or have been ) talking about Argentina…( We arent doing too bad in NZ however)


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