7 Responses to Israeli air strikes kill 2 as violence escalates in Gaza

  1. Deb says:

    Lord, I can’t keep up with who’s doing what to who! God help them!


  2. Taffyduff says:

    I surely hope that God is with Israel, because she is surrounded by so much hatred, hostility and pressure from countries all around her. Yet these countries that do surround her, ironically are all falling apart and crumbling within. Thats what makes them so dangerous!!


    • Joseph t. Repas says:

      So true Taffyduff! When you see Israel surrounded by armies against her you know the end is close, but I find it rather interesting that no one has been writing further on the prophetic end times regarding how much Christians will be despised and hated ! See Matthew chapter 24. Be blessed!


  3. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Hi Alvin! I was wondering, and I apologize as I have not been able to get copies of your books, but God willing I will ! , Do you write about the extreme intolerance people will have against both Christians and Jews in the last days ? and how this is playing out in signs all around us now? Thanks!


    • I touch on it in TEP which I hope to have that book in an e-book version soon so it will be available in your part of the world. (The 7th Protocol is available in that format.) And I will be saying more about it in the near future.

      Hope all is well, friend and thanks


  4. Garth Colin Whelan says:

    There is a lot of bias in the reporting regarding Israel. Everyday there are many rockets being fired from Gaza in to Israel, but that is rarely reported in the news, but if Israel retaliates, it is shown, and makes Israel out to be the initiator of violence. Not only that, but when Israel locates where the bombing comes from, they send flyers dropped by an airplane over the area, saying they will bomb this place at a specific time, then the Muslim militants quickly put children in those areas, so the children become the victims of the bombing. This is all done, so they can use it for propaganda purposes, to announce to the world that Israel has killed children.


    • Billy Bathgate says:

      Wow, isn’t that the most insane thing I have seen today. Not that this comment will get through seeing Garth’s has. The so called good, GOD fearing christian bathing in spilled Palestinian blood is appalling. This site has turned into a completed dog’s breakfast and I pray to GOD, meditate hard and hope the veil gets lifted so they may see the garbage hiding amongst the bread. Good luck.


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