5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Sumatra

June 23, 2012INDONESIAA 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck northern Sumatra, Indonesia at a depth of about 97.4 km (60.5 miles) below the surface. The epicenter of the 5.9 earthquake was 66 km (41 miles) WSW of Kabanjahe, Indonesia and northwest of the super-volcanic caldera of Lake Toba. The Toba caldera is the only super-volcano in existence that can be described as Yellowstone’s “bigger” sister. According to geologists, Toba last erupted about 75,000 years ago in a VEI 8 event, making it possibly the largest explosive volcanic eruption within the last 25 million years. Today’s earthquake was not connected to any known activity at Lake Toba. –The Extinction Protocol
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7 Responses to 5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes northern Sumatra

  1. Sam Beckett says:

    Toba…when it last erupted it killed off over 90% of life (yes, including humans, we nearly became extinct). Supervolcanos are 1 of the handful of events that are 100% scientifically proven, guaranteed to happen, that will have global devastation on all scales. It is not a question of if, just when.


  2. tonic says:

    Alvin, Just curious, since you wrote The Extinction Protocol, Is there any chapter in the book that would be worth revisiting, taking into account the changes that have occured since it was published.? Thank you again for doing what you do. God bless you.


  3. Irene C says:

    Alvin, I’m halfway through 7th Protocol. Excellent read. Very easy for us nonscientific types. I will be reading Hazards next and hopefully I’ll get to buy The Extinction Protocol.

    By the way, I haven’t seen this posted yet, but Tropical Storm Debby has formed in the Gulf. They’re not predicting it will be a major storm, but it could be a huge rain maker.



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