11 Responses to Greeks line up for free food as turmoil in country mounts

  1. Jake says:

    this is sad i feel so sorry for them people


  2. DLHenry says:

    wow….oh wow…………stocking up on GoFoods myself here in the states


  3. JustME says:

    and this is only the beginning…… people please Turn to Jesus


  4. Dan Sherwood says:

    This is why I prep. Day one, the line is frustrating. Day five, it’s scary. Day ten, it is extremely dangerous. And I have no intention of being any part of it.


  5. sKeptical citizen says:

    I would urge everyone to make plans to become self reliant. Its pitiful to read about people standing in soup lines. When a intellegent able bodied person cant even feed themselves its unacceptable. We could have the same thing happen here in the USA. Its hard to be optimistic about my grandchildrens future.


  6. Colleen says:

    I believe it is at the very doors of America.


  7. suz says:

    Much of the problem might be euro related. UK spent 1.1 tillion GBP for it’s banks….they didn’t have a problem with that because the UK has it’s own currency. They didn’t have to beg anyone to bail them out and then adhere to terms that were very harsh and strict. Without your own currency you have borrow externally. In the US you can borrow internally or print money. Greece can’t do this so they are basically in deep doodoo. The hard times in Greece has just begun.
    These are the consequences of greed. Gonna be a rude awakening. Greeks are a strong people though and they will come through this and hopefully we will all learn from this crisis.


  8. Stephen says:

    Is this what we call a free world?


  9. Steelerdude says:

    Can you imagine being the last one in line and praying that they dont run out for your family?
    Scary thought isnt it….


  10. Stewart says:

    Sooner or later the lines will turn into raids and looting of grocery stores, gas stations, markets, etc. Then it evolves into looting and robbing people’s homes because the stores no longer have any food. Desperation sets in and people start doing any and everything necessary to survive. You are right about being able to be self sustaining. Make sure you can protect whatever you have. Eventually the masses will come starving and take what you have if not.


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