5 Responses to The great unravel: U.S. 30 -year mortgage rates fall to lowest on record

  1. Peter says:

    One of the obstacles blocking the path to economic recovery is the student loan bubble. College graduates have amassed 1 trillion dollars in debt. College costs have also increased 300 percent since 1990. Also, the average college graduate has $29,000 in student debt. Thus, many graduates have difficulty buying economic growth catalyst items such as houses and cars. This is just one of many economic issues.

    Alvin, thanks for posting this informative article.


  2. Rep says:

    All time low mortgages don’t do any good when the market is so tight and a person a high credit score can’t get a mortgage. This has been this biggest complaint in the housing industry, people with stellar credit are being turned down and or the down payment of 20% or more is needed plus closing costs. Don’t really understand what good the bank bailouts did except tighten the banks up.


  3. TrueFaith says:

    Yeah dont figure they raised the mpi so no one is really saving anything is it not nice how they manipulate the public with showing the low numbers but not telling us how they are evening it out. With the huge defecit and banks hurting(lol) do ya really think they would accept less, with them its always been about squeezing out more!


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