8 Responses to Dow tumbles 251 points: market shaken by second worst trading day of the year

  1. John Durango says:

    Strange happenings..In November 2008 treasury secretary/ former Goldman president was on his knees begging for a Gov bailout to save Goldman and his stocks from bankruptcy…. Now Goldman is making predictions about worldwide banking failures…. Will someone please tell the truth about the fraudulent worldwide banking system?


    • Artoro says:

      They tell us what we need to hear to avoid a world wide panic. Do what I do. Stuff your money in your mattress, it will gain more interest there than in any bank. Interest known as peace of mind. No fees, no waiting in line, no automated systems, no debit card required, and it’s available twenty-four hours a day.


  2. Mark Taylor says:

    Take away the drugs, and the addict goes into withdrawl shock. That’s basically what happened when Bernanke said operation twist would continue and no QE3. No free money from the FED and the markets come crashing back to reality. Goldman’s acknowledgement of this lack of QE just gave the market direction. What a joke and illusion the markets have become. I hope the average joe investor wakes up and gets out.


  3. Why an I glad to see markets tumble? After all, my pension is probably based on the “market”. And I”m not rich, just getting by.
    I guess it’s just that I have become so anti-Wall St. that I have a visceral desire to see it go down.
    Even knowing that many of us could go down with it.


  4. Irene C says:

    I would love to say that people will wake up and get out of the market, but like the gambler, the “next one” will be the winner that will make them rich. However, there is no “next one”, they only want more. Yes, the market might rebound again, but it will only last so long, like the gambler’s money. One day, the sugar daddy (bailouts?) who gave all that money, will have no money left. If that time isn’t now, it will be soon.



  5. Dennis E. says:

    I seem to remember in the 80’s there was a push to invest as there was in 06-08? to buy a home.
    I also remember getting emails after emails from country wide and others to buy a house I could not afford at a rate that was variable. Many Americans have holdings in the stock market. It has been spoken on CNBC in the past that if there was mass withdraw, the market would crash.
    No, they are not going to tell the average investor what the total score is.
    On another point, and the major media outlets did not report, but certain groups(Acorn), protested outside banks like CITI for lower loans to buy homes. I remember President Bush making a news statement concerning everyone having a home. Many homes were bought by people who could not afford the home. was it a setup? Was it due to political pressure by special interest ?
    The Dow may have tumbled 251, but the people who are invested in high risk/yield stocks took a bigger hit.
    There is a world wide slow down economically and the world wide housing market is suffering as it is here according to reports. Actually someone with money, who is looking for a home might could get a home because the fix rate mortage 15 and 30 year dropping. The issue is job security. It would be awful to put down a down payment and to lose that and the investment.
    Just my opinion……


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