11 Responses to 80 killed in escalating violence between Muslims and Christians in Nigeria

  1. PAPPY says:

    2 religions that are supposed to be about peace . Where’s the Peace in all of this killing


  2. latenightlisa says:

    How can you call yourself a Christian & go on a killing rampage? That is NOT what God has in mind for us to do no matter how horrific things may become.


    • Even more importantly, how can you call yourself human? They were human before they became anything else. The atrocities and heinous crimes committed on this planet daily at the hands of so-called civilized man, not beasts, is revolting.


  3. Dave says:

    If Muslims attackers were being killed like Christians are in the area the UK would be up in arms sending help, sadly Cameron is anti Christian, he likes to be a good friend of nasty Muslim groups, he even sends them money from nice UK tax payers.


  4. suz says:

    Both Islam and Christianity teaches us to value humans the most and then animals and plants.
    Not all Muslims hate Christians and not all Christians hate Muslims, just like not all white people hate black people and vice versa. Extremists are setting a bad example to the world on both sides. I think we should have one religion…..the only religion I believe in is the religion of Love.


    • Rosa Lopes says:

      It is because of many people way of non religious thinking that God is going to fry most of us very soon!


    • Marie-Louise says:

      Yes, Suz, my religion is also Love.

      Let’s remember that most humans are brainwashed, so they tend to define themselves in opposition of others (Satan means the opposer in Arameic, if I am correct). Alos, and most importantly, there are plenty of psychopaths around the world, who are usually the instigators of such violence and the leaders of criminal gangs. I believe that these assailers are mostly psychopaths.

      Psychopaths are humanoids, but not humans, because they do not have souls. Most if not all of political leaders are psychopaths; it becomes very obvious to the eye when they stop smiling their fake smiles, but they are well trained to smile almost all the time in public, are’nt they? (there are great pictures of political leaders in their true nature, with their true faces presenting dead eyes, at http://www.davidicke.com in the headlines).



  5. tonic says:

    It’s a sign of the times we live in. Respect for human life will soon be just a concept.
    The trenches of WW1 took it to a new level.(35 million deaths) WW2 took it to sheer horror.(over 60 million deaths)
    Today, stock markets, banking, and proffiteers, show daily that your life is worthless in their eyes. Young families can be thrown onto the street (doesn’t matter if their is a recession and you have lost your job) without a second thought their welfare, or future. Take the words Muslim and Christian away from the story above and you find hatred. (alive and well.)
    I do not know if a being called Satan exists, but if it does, it sure feels like it is winning right now.


  6. mikee agbo says:

    We need God intervention ok


  7. Joseph t. Repas says:

    The Bible has Jesus saying, the day is coming that those who kill you will think that by doing so they are serving God.


  8. TrueFaith says:

    What surprised me is awhile back on animal planet they were talking about the most deadly killers in the animal kingdom…yet somehow humans were not on the list. That struck me as odd seeing as that we as a animal species are not only the most sadistic but deadly to each other. We have killed more of each other in our recorded history than any other animal alive-in their history. while i believe in the almighty i do not have much faith in the modern teachings of jesus or christ in any of the modern religions. The good word has been corrupted by man if not intentionally then because of our flaws as humans and our limited comprehension. Lord have mercy on us all for our many mistakes and bless and forgive us all our shortcomings, amen.


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