Largest earthquake in 109 years rattles Victoria Australia

June 19, 2012AUSTRALIA A magnitude-5.3 earthquake has shaken a large area of Victoria this evening. It hit about 9:00pm (AEST), with the epicenter near Moe in west Gippsland, about 120 kilometers south-east of Melbourne. Geoscience Australia says the 5.3 quake had a depth of about 10km and rumbled through Melbourne and communities including Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong and Shepparton. People have reported hearing a roaring noise, with reports of cracks occurring in the walls and floors of homes. Victoria Police say they have received a number of calls in relation to the tremor. Seismologist David Jepsen says there have been some aftershocks of around magnitude 3.5 near the epicenter. He says the initial quake was close to the earth’s surface. “[It was a] shallow earthquake. That’s why people felt it so strongly,” he said. “You do get the rolling because you get the surface waves that get generated that people can feel quite strongly.” Some Melbourne residents have reported seeing windows shaking during the tremor. Graham Miller, a resident in Heathmont in Melbourne’s east, says it was the biggest earthquake he has ever felt. ‘The most severe earthquake that I would say we’ve experienced at Heathmont in 60 years to my knowledge,” he said. “The shaking continued for about 45 seconds, and my whole house was vibrating visibly.” Shannon Starab McGill, a resident in Badger Creek, north-east of Melbourne, also felt the quake. “Shook the heck out of the house and the kids woke up quite startled! Yikes!” he wrote on Facebook. Professor Mike Sandiford of the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne says it is an unusual event. “It was a significant shaking event. We don’t often get earthquakes which shake much of Melbourne,’ he said. “Every few years we have an earthquake which tends to be to the south east of Melbourne in Gippsland which impacts the eastern suburbs. “Shaking the eastern suburbs and even more rarely gets to the city centre.” –ABC News News
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10 Responses to Largest earthquake in 109 years rattles Victoria Australia

  1. Matthew says:

    I felt this one myself, without warning the entire house was shaking. its one thing to read about earthquakes in the news and here on this blog, and its another thing to experience it for yourself. for the people in victoria tonight it was a reminder for just how volatile our planet really is.


    • kylie kleeven says:

      I grew up about 30 minutes from Moe, Victoria. Thinking most of my relatives down there would have felt this earthquake. A timely reminder, Alvin of the earth changes you talk about!


  2. Chris from Melbourne says:

    I felt it in my head, pressure….. Then I looked around & to me it seemed my vision was slightly blurry. Then I heard the house make some slight cracks & noises I then realised what had happened. I even received a text msg during it from my cousin if I was feeling it, lasted a good 30 secs & we were at least 60+ kms from the epicenter!
    That’s my account…..


  3. Bone Idle says:

    Sorry. Little bit of a media beat up.
    Last nights quake was the strongest since 1982 – Mag5.4 Bollarra Victoria. 1969 Mag 5.3 again in Boolarra.

    Never the less. Quite unusual for Victoria Australia


  4. mike says:

    5.3? It didnt show up on the Iris Seismic Monitor. Any ideas why?


  5. Sheryl Minns says:

    I was at church and had a group of five people around me laying hands on me and praying for me, when I became aware of a shaking. At first I thought it was somebody jumping on the floor but then I realized the whole building was shaking and that it was an earth tremor. Imagine what the next thought to enter my head was. 🙂


  6. richfish30 says:

    There have been a lot of shallow earthquakes like the Italian one and Australian all over the world!


  7. suz says:

    There are hundreds around the world every day….about 1 million every year. Earthquakes of about 7.0 happen about 20 times a yr. Several million people have been killed in the last 500 yrs from them. The earthquake in Táng-Shan, China in 1976 killed over 240,000 people. Shallow earthquakes cause more damage because deeper, where the rock is hotter, the rocks can more easily pass each other and the pressure can dissipate. At shallower depths the rocks are cooler and the plates more rigid….the pressure is release in a single event.

    It’s quite common for earthquakes in Australia … earthquake swarms can serve as an early warning of volcanic eruptions.


  8. Lu of Wantirna, Victoria says:

    Before the rattle/rumble of the quake, I felt a ground shift from left (what felt like 1 foot or 12 inches), from where I was sitting, and then another smooth shift, to the right by about the same measurement. I have reports from other people having felt the same sway/slide.
    Does this indicate a pressure/push/force on the plate (or whatever else), then the give, then the rattle/rumble being another equation of the quake?


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