58 Responses to East mounting a coalition to challenge Western power in the Middle East: Has it officially started?

  1. Marie-Louise says:

    Those of the East and those of the West who enjoy temporal power are all of the same club, the one of Satan. They all make, in public, the hand sign indicating their worshipping of Satan, right in plain sight and most of us do not see it. Again, this a false dichotomy, a fallacy, a veil of diversion.

    There is only one Beloved, and only one. One Absolute. No division. The greatest Sufis, although outwardly Muslims, wrote that Jesus is the Spirit of Allah (Allah means The One, the Nothingness, or Primordial Essence).

    Let’s remember Love. Let’s love, in this end time, the Absolute, from our Hearts, and not our minds. Let’s love humans, nature, and the Earth. That is all we can do, or be ; love and behave with loving-kindness.

    Let’s welcome the Second Coming of Christ and of Our Lady, in ourselves, in our Hearts, because He/She made humans in His/Her image.

    Love to all.


    • Xavier says:

      Amen !!!


    • Robin says:

      The Second Coming doesn’t happen until after the tribulation and the rapture of the church – the Bride of Jesus Christ. “Our Lady” ? Are you talking about Mary? She has nothing to do with anything, really, that’s a slap in the face to Jesus. He’s the one who died on the cross for mankind – not her. there will be 2 short wars involving Israel, Psalm 83 and Gog-Magog first, before Armeggedon. There is no time left to mince words. Everything is coming down just like the prophets said thousands of years ago.
      Blessing in Christ.


    • SD says:

      Thump up Marie.Louise… .:-)


    • Melinda says:

      This comment disturbed me more than the article! Allah has nothing to do with Jesus.. he is of SATAN he is a DEVIL, no matter what you believe Sufis thought. Mary has nothing to do with your creation, the second coming, or your salvation. And God has declared himself a HE. Put your faith in JESUS and turn away from everything else.

      1 Timothy 2:5,6 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.


      • Supreme Siddha says:

        Sorry but this is exactly what the Powers That Be want, they divide and conquer us. As far as I know, Allah if translated into English, means :”God the Father” or just simply God. Even Arab Christians use the word Allah. I think we are too caught up with words. I agree with Marie-Louise.


  2. Greg says:

    Now THIS is scary!


  3. Is there room for “war games” in a country already at war? Or is this a way to start a war against…whom? Israel?


  4. tonic says:

    “An informed source ” means nothing, it’s just heresay. But if this is for real, then intervention from Jesus has just taken a step forward.


  5. Dennis E. says:

    Hmm? Interesting. Ok, Syria is on the verge of a civil war and they plan to host war games with three other countries? I wonder if this is a ruse to check any NATO attempt to assist the rebels? With 90,000 additional troops in the country, they could crush all resistance and reestablish order.
    Also, they would give Russia and China a route to Israel to seize a spoil(bounty)?–Recent oil/gas discoveries? According to some main line news organizations, Russia already has boots on the ground as does Iran. Also, several ships are in route with anti-ship missile capabilities. At one time, I think Syria was in the Nazi corner, definitely The Former USSR’ s corner.So, could we see a forthcoming challenge due to the weakness they see in our administration. Are they going to resist a NATO intervention?
    Very dangerous here. If so, If so, could we be on the verge of a strike on the USA itself, to remove the single earthly power that usually protects Israel and other friends?

    Obama is playing with fire…. Be careful, they are not playing……

    I am thinking too much tonight……..Just my opinion…..

    Have a nice day……


    • Artoro says:

      Dennis E:

      A strike on the USA. I think people in the USA have more fire power than any other country could ever imagine. And don’t be fooled, The USA has a very, very powerful war machine. We haven’t seen it turned on full blast for a long time. Maybe not since WWII when they inserted 16M plus into given areas. One of the other countries may boast having a 200M man army but they don’t have the necessary resources (FOOD, clothing, fuel, or logistics) to keep it running. It’s easy to start a war, but tough to run and finish. I can not emphasize enough, it takes a lot of food to move an army. And the Israeli’s, they don’t play war games.


    • Canadian Blair says:

      I agree with what you are saying, seems very possible but do you think this will bring on the destruction of Damascus beforehand? I believe so anyway. Thoughts ?


    • J says:

      If you are afraid crawl into a hole. I would fight for freedom any day of the week than to live like they do in Russia, China, Iran, Syria. If they want war then I say let’s give it to them.


    • krystal says:

      It is good that you are thinking! Most people are not, they don’t even bother read or watch the news anymore. Not to mention, remember last week, Hilary Clinton accused Russia for supporting Syria by sending their helicopters? Then Britain stopped Russian ships from going to Syria? Then now Russia found a way with China and Iran to unite and call it war game. We need to be thinking way beyond our small mind in this small place where we are…


  6. Roy Hinkley says:

    All the pieces are lining up. Wow. It is truly amazing how things are falling in place. Thank you God, you are almighty.


  7. Rhonda says:

    Psalm 83. Then Ezekiel 38 & 39. Luke 21:28 “And when these things come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh.” We must encourage one another and pray for Israel. The pages of the Bible are alive with fufilled prophecy!


  8. Carla Burgers says:

    So what ? Let them play their war games. USA has done the same thing with ther allies. It doesn’t mean a WW3. Let’s just see what will happen with/in the world in the meantime. Keep safe.


  9. Irene C says:

    This is getting more and more interesting – and frightening. Now we just wait and see if this is a reliable source, especially since a previous post talked about Russia sending 2 warships with marines towards Syria.



  10. cdkanas says:

    Amazing how Daniel 11:41-45 are happening right NOW, with the potential of Isaiah 17:1 happening soon. You just can’t predict that 3000 years ago without divine inspiration.


  11. I feel like saying to God, “You’ve got to help!” then someone tells me that prophecy says this has to happen, so it has to happen. So I pray God to help as many as possible who are afflicted by this horror, and I guess that means us as well as those “over there.” It is terrible to live, as Jesus predicted, in a time where everything hits the fan…but He did say he would protect His own from the wrath. “Deliver us from evil” never meant more than now.


  12. James Norway says:

    The only one country in the world who has the availability of producing the 200 million man army stated in revelations is China..But with Russia, Iran and Syria and god knows how many other countries could easily produce the 200 million stated in the bible…

    I agree with Greg…This is scary..I see a definite turn of events unfolding if this indeed takes place..If and when this happens and depending on the coarse of actions from the EU and the USA it could lead to a bigger conflict that just in the Middle East..One thing is for certain, it is written the next and final World War will happen in the Middle East..


  13. K.T. says:

    Is this setting up for the war prophecied in Ezekiel 38?


    • Canadian Blair says:

      As far as I can see this is just a precursor to later developments, Isaiah 17 says that before Ez 38/39 take place Israel will be made thin ( weak) after its destruction of all of the surrounding nations. Ezekiel says that they will cover the land like a cloud, at the moment there are not very many Russians or Chinese there. Also China is not one of the countries mentioned in Ezekiel 38/39. China will only come into it big at the battle of Armageddon, this would appear to be an encouragement to Syria and Iran that these two anti-God nations are supporting them, basically giving Iran the green light to continue with their nuclear program and Syria with its people’s slaughter.


      • K.T. says:

        The U.S. is no longer a godly nation. We have rejected the Truth (Jesus). The president informed us near the start of his term, that “we are no longer a Christian nation”. We export our immorality worldwide via movies, music, and now foreign policy (gay rights). I believe, and this is my personal opinion, that we are Babylon the Great, or the woman related to that. I also believe we are farther along than most realize in the fulfillment of prophecies. Not all fulfillments are flashed with neon signs…some are done quietly, as when Jesus was born, lived, taught, etc…and only a few recognize them when they happen, but they are the fulfillments just the same… so… that’s why I’m keeping an eye on any and all develpments now…from quakes in diverse places, to the wars and rumor of wars…


    • davidgreybeard says:

      In reply to K.T.’s post, I’m not sure where we (USA) stand in relation to Babylon the Great, but I am convinced that the Anti-Christ will be an American president, either Obama or his successor. The timing of everything is coming together far too well to be a “coincidence”, which I don’t believe in, and this applies to the geopolitical signs as well as the geological and astronomical ones. The previous two attempts to create this heinous world leader (Napolean and Hitler) placed them in the most powerful nations of their time, and the US still qualifies as that. I believe that we shall see that person revealed within the next few months, especially right after the election.


  14. Artoro says:

    All I can say is, “Don’t wake the Sleeping Giant!!!”


  15. J says:

    The faceoff between West and East is upon us and the sooner the better. The West needs to take whatever steps necessary to completely terminate this axis who stand in the way of democreacy and freedom. If they think the US, NATO, other Arabl allies are not willing to go to all out war they better think again. The only one who has fought outside their country on this axis is Russia. NATO and the US have substantial experience in war and retain much more advanced technologies to defeat any foes.


  16. truth_seeker says:

    A lot of these countries have been doing joint exercises for years though not in such a large operation. I researched this several months back and countries you wouldn’t think from main stream media are particularly friendly are very much so behind the scenes. The fact its now on such a large scale in itself shows these countries have worked together on a smaller scale for a considerable period previously. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively.


  17. m c says:

    I think they use the term “WAR GAMES” as a way to move troops into position since they know it cant be done without the other side knowing about it so it’s called a “war game training exercise”.

    Both sides know whats going on for the most part.

    Yep its getting scary and when one side gets all their pieces ready or someone blinks it could all go off.


    • Magenta says:

      Someone needs to tell the males around the world that war is not a game! We have this long written history of males around the world fighting for turf, power, male posturing etc. Do you think they will stop themselves? Or do you think it will end in world annihilation with weapons of mass destruction? The writing is on the wall.


  18. richfish30 says:

    So much is happening left and right, from natural disasters to man made ones…I can’t take this no more!!!!!!


  19. Kato says:

    The sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up to prepare the way for the kings from the East. Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty. “Behold, I come like a thief! Blessed is he who stays awake and keeps his clothes with him, so that he may not go naked and be shamefully exposed.” Then they gathered the kings together to the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.” (Rev 16:12-16)


  20. krystal says:

    War games? Wrong timing! They don’t call it war game just because… there is a purpose to hold this war game… that is to prepare for what is to come. Some people rather just bury their heads in the sand, well, I’d rather keep my head up looking in the East… blessed are those who are ready (those who are saved… those who are not, it is not too late!)


  21. Mike says:

    The only thing missing is the MASSIVE earthquake that will accompany these final events (Ezekiel 38:19-20). It is very interesting to note that today 3 major volcanoes are erupting in sync. Won’t it be interesting to watch the world react once Jerusalem begins to shake.

    PS. Did you know that Mecca and Medina sit on ancient (and still active) lava fields? Wouldnt it be fascinating to watch this land bubble under again and the blasphemies get washed away.


  22. Old Warhorse says:

    I am not perfect, but I usually have a pretty good sense of danger. If something big is going to happen, I don’t think it will be incredibly soon, but it does seem as though time is running out. If you believe in God’s divine justice, then you know we will all get what we deserve. Those who have been loyal to God to the best of their ability have nothing to fear. It is those who act alone from the ego that should be worried. Take care and keep the faith!


  23. Mike K says:

    This simply means we are more likely to start air strikes sooner rather than later – within a week – at the most. If not they’ll wait until mid July which might be to late to avoid involving these other nations. So, we’ll see how serious the coalition of the west is about bringing down Assad over his crimes.


  24. Josh c says:

    Normally I dont comment but I have to say after reading these comments that delusion is still in the minds of people that were awake enough to find this blog. while reading this blog it seems people still trust our gov and msm, your delusions will control your life until you realize not to trust either, we are going to be in ww3 because the dollar as the world reserve currency is dying. They cant do much when china stops using dollars for oil, so they push around a little guy so all the other smaller countries are fearful. I personaly im glad the dollar is dying as world reserve currency, hopefully alot more people will be saved from suffering at the hand of whats left of this once great country.


    • IM
      A storm is coming…

      There is no need to criticize anyone who has a difference of opinion with you. The point of the matter is a the world is about to blow up in all of our faces and the suffering will be universal and it won’t matter about dollars, or euros, or yen any more; it will be about trying to survive in a new harsh realm, without food and without being a victim of violence from man or assualts from nature. It behooves us all to stop trying to spin this planetary crisis into national political blender and worry about survival of ourselves and our families. Global debt has reached such porpotions that global war is being debated as the only equitable solution behind closed doors to unwind the world from the precarious perch it has reached. When the world reaches the point of desperation, where Russian roulette becomes the topic around the water cooler; I think it’s time for all of us to shift into survival-mode and depense with the idea of worrying about national politics. The Bible says, “And there shall be a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time,” which means we are about to enter a period of peril unlike anything this planet has ever seen.


      • John says:

        Right on, Alvin. People of faith and goodwill need to support each other. There will be more than enough hatred and violence to go around. Those who keep their sanity and human compassion will be far outnumbered by those who will descend into animal-like behavior. God will make Himself known to each and everyone of us. Time is extremely short – remain in His love.


      • Roy Hinkley says:

        Thank you Alvin. Your doing great work and your message is true. A storm is coming.


      • No doubt. Thanks for being a regular reader, Roy.

        I’m grateful,


      • Stewart says:

        Well said Alvin!!


      • Dan Sherwood says:

        What a great summation for your entire blog Alvin.
        It is a shame that the world feels it always has to put a complicated spin on every little bump in the road. God’s Word is such a clear simple warning. That is what makes you a very unique individual Alvin, you understand the truth and how science fits into it not the other way around.


      • You are kind Dan. Thank you for your presence and dedication to God’s word.

        May God continue to bless and guide us all,


  25. Jona says:

    The Last 2 Domino’s are ready to fall !
    Which one will be the Last…Syria or Iran ?
    Is this all a setup to destroy Israel in the Last Day’s ?
    Think about it !


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