8 Responses to Violence breaks out on Israel’s Egypt and Gaza borders

  1. Dennis E. says:

    This just my observation and opinion:
    Israel should not had given up the Sinai after the 6-Day war and with the peace agreement with Egypt, Israel was able to move Divisions North towards Lebanon and Syria. Now with the change of Goverment in Egypt, the likely hood of conflict has come about 180 degrees and Israel has to look to the redeployment of forces to the south.
    When they surrendered gaza in the name of peace, greenhouses, crops and Synagogues were burned and now Southern Israel is under almost constant bombardment and probably Iran has supplied longer range missiles to eventually reach high value targets such as a Nuclear Power Plant. To add to the tension, in the past 2-3 years, there has been significant gas and oil finds off the coast of Israel to include the recent discoveries off the coast of Hafia. Israel is about to become a major player in the oil market and write its own political ticket and draw away from US meddling.
    This situation in the southern regions is as dangerous as the situation in the northern regions where in Lebanon there is a reported 50,000 plus missile awaiting to hit Israel.
    Where is all of this going? A possible a preemptive strike in the near future and not necessarily
    Iran. It is like a vice grip closing in


  2. Artoro says:

    Has it ever stopped? It seems to be on all the time in this region. I think it was Jay Leno who joked, “I wonder what it takes to make their Independence Day celebration interesting?”


  3. tonic says:

    Dennis E, tonic here. As an avid reader of your comments, this one has scared me. If these events unfold as you have outlined, will it lead to a chain reaction, worldwide? Have no wish to put you in a spot, just value your opinion.


    • Dennis E. says:

      Tonic: Dennis E. here: This area is most dangerous place on planet earth. It is the area where the last war will be fought and I believe it will effect the entire world. Some believe that it is going to stay confined in that area and we will not be affected. If the oil is cut off tomorrow, we would all be affected. If Israel became a major player or the player in oil and gas production and export, just think how upset the Arab oil producing countries would be. Also,look at Russia, It exports oil to Europe. Look at Persia(Iran).
      Remember this please. Jerusalem and The Temple Mount. If you have never researched these subjects, please do! The world will fight a war over it. Thanks for your kind comments…..I research, read and mediate prior to posting much of my comments. I don’t want to mislead anyone or put out bad information. We live in interesting times………
      I am not trying to scare anyone, but we all must face reality(not saying you don’t).
      I thank God for this site and for what Alvin has done and is doing….. He had no idea…..The world is about to change as we know it and I am no prophet and we need to be aware………
      HAVE A NICE DAY…….


      • tonic says:

        Thanks Dennis E for taking time to reply. Looks like everything is about to rip apart, globally. God bless.


  4. niebo says:

    Dennis E, I’m with you, and bear in mind what happened after the Oslo Accord which preceded the “surrender” of Gaza: Rabin was assassinated by an arch-conservative who, like the leader of the oppostion (Likud) party, Benjamin Netanyahu (and many other orthodox Jews/conservative Israelis), considered the act to be one of heresy (see Leviticus 25:23). And we might argue (or agree) that the surrender never “actually” happened, because it was a sham in the first place; no one outside of politics actually believed that peace would follow, in part because many of the “powers” involved in the struggle in Gaza and the West Bank do not recognize Israel’s right to exist, much less to govern or to propose/dictate/enact any treaty or accord with anyone anywhere. And, since, the skirmishes in Gaza have been endless, a thorn in the side of the nation. Indeed, the vice tightens, and while they have opportunity to strengthen themselves, they are surrounded by enemies who would “drive them into the sea”. Any fight that ensues will be with Iran, in the end, or, at least, with those who share Iran’s mindset. Toss into the mix Netanyahu, a true son of Israel, native born, a warrior, who may talk of the surrender of Judea-Samaria but who must know what will come of it: death and judgment. I doubt that he is willing to stand before God and say “I gave away Your land”.


  5. Irene C says:

    @Dennis E, yep, hindsight is a wonderful thing. @tonic, I agree. The fuses are being lit and the powderkeg is ready to blow. In my opinion, the initial battle (war?) will be fairly local (although repercussions will be felt worldwide), but it will eventually escalate to include more and more nations. Russian (Magog) and Iran (Persia) will be involved and I’m not sure about the U.S. Frightening indeed.



  6. tonic says:

    Thank you Irene C. What bugs me everyday is what we are passing on. Not much joy for our youngsters. Kinda unfair compared to what we had. I’ve had my life, just pray that something will appear to spare our kids this horror that is bound to happen.
    Love all your posts.
    God bless.


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