Water, the next flash-point: tensions rising in the Middle East over shrinking water supplies

June 15, 2012 MIDDLE EASTAmid the profound political changes sweeping the Arab world, there are moves to rewrite contentious water-sharing agreements that are becoming a major source of friction in the Middle East as water supplies shrink. In May, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki warned his neighbors, with Turkey and Syria his main targets that the region faces conflict unless the issue of dwindling water resources is addressed by regional governments. Baghdad is increasingly angry and frustrated at the failure of Turkey, in the north, and Syria, to the west, to resolve a growing crisis over the reduced flow and the deteriorating quality of water from the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers they allow Iraq. Maliki’s biggest fear is that the water shortage, which has been worsening for a decade or more, will trigger violence within Iraq. “As the dust settles on the political unrest of 2011 and new governments and leaders are elected in Libya and Egypt over the next two years and South Sudan joins a group of countries looking to renegotiate the distribution of the Nile, there is likely to be renewed focus on resource security,” the Middle East Economic Digest observed. The water issue is a constant factor in the tension between Israel and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank. The business weekly said “the most contentious dispute over water resources in the region” centers on the Jordan River, which flows through Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Jordan and Israel. Israelis use 66 gallons a day, while Palestinians are limited to 15.4 gallons, even though they claim a major underground aquifer and access to Jordan River. Rivers including the Euphrates, Tigris, Nile and even the Jordan River, which cross national boundaries and are a major source of water supply, could well become flashpoints for rising regional tension. “Equally, governments’ ability to manage their rivers and negotiate with their upstream neighbors could well, as is the case in Iraq, lead to growing unrest at home,” the weekly warned. Thirteen of the 20 states that make up the Arab League rank among the world’s most water-scarce nations. –UPI
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23 Responses to Water, the next flash-point: tensions rising in the Middle East over shrinking water supplies

  1. Meridian says:

    One more issue to throw into the Middle East cauldron…


  2. Irene C says:

    Water tensions in India. Water tensions in the Middle East. And here in the U.S., there are water tensions between some of the states. Environmentalists tell us not to buy bottled water due to the plastics being an environmental hazard. (I do agree about the plastic. That’s why I recycle.) However, However, we need to store water for our personal use – just in case. Nothing like turning on your tap and nothing coming out. Water, as well as politics, can be a harbinger of war.



    • Artoro says:

      Just a note; one gallon of water weighs 8 pounds, if you have to move it (probably on foot), it’s going to be a chore. I think it’s best to find a clean water source and then move to where the water is. That’s my plan.


      • Irene C says:

        I agree, Artoro, however in my case that isn’t logistically probable. I’m 60 y/o and not in the best of health plus I take care of my mother who is 90. Our survival plans consist of urban survival skills (with a lot of prayer). Our neighborhood is small and pretty close with no outward signs of wealth. That being said, planning on staying put has become my best option.


    • paroit act (small print) states it’s a federal offence to hoard food or water for more than 7days in a national emergency. also you do not own the water that falls on your land and is or will be an offence to collect it.


  3. coleen says:

    Interesting.. How the ‘opening scene’ in Genesis is set in area between Tigris and Euphrates..
    And the ‘finale’ about the drying up of the same..


    • Tom says:

      Its all been prophecised so just sit back and relax. The kings of the east will soon walk over dried up rivers e and t. The world is about to change big time, we rape mother nature on daily basis and she will revolt sooner or later
      Our family live pretty much like amish but with more hightech stuff, im convinced that the western world lifestyle will bring death and destruction on massive scale
      Look for a good place to live far from cities and grow ur own food in harmony with nature


  4. Deb says:

    No worries, the USA will send water, what’s a few more million$.


    • Ronald Greene says:

      Deb, have you seen news on Arizona and Texas and many other states: SEVERE WATER SHORTAGE, PROLONGED DROUGHT AND EXTENDED HEAT WAVE ARE taking it’s toll on our own water supply. Our area receives less 10% of water while residence waste tons of water daily with no penalty. The old song: YOU DON’T MISS YOUR WATER UNTIL YOUR WELL RUNS DRY. Prophecy is being unfolded, but the masses are too blind to see it just like the people in Noah’s time. So sad, too bad.


    • yeah america and the rest had to steal it first of gaddafi then charge for it. water is worth more than gold infact worth more than anything if you have none. gaddafi spent $20 billion on his fossil water pipeline with about 400 years of water underground, and guess what it was only completed about 6mths before the invasion.


  5. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Ok…we’ll give them one barrell of water for every barrell of oil that they produce for us. fair ????


    • Artoro says:

      I don’t think it’s fair. If what’s going to happen is going to happen, then oil and things like GOLD (seemingly held in high esteem by many) won’t to be worth very much at all. You can’t drink or eat it. I think in terms of “Before this and after this.”


      • Joseph t. Repas says:

        I do agree with you Artoro that gold will actually plummet in value once disasters increase for the same reason you do. The main thrust of my statement being that the Arabs are finding this out regarding their oil.they can not drink their oil so what value does water bring now that they have all of that ‘ gold ” and oil? Oh; BTW have you noticed that MANY of the posts written on this blog are of the exact same spirit that causes these disasters to become more prevelant? Such as …I will store food up for ME…I will live where I will NOT be hurt while you all die….yes, the same crap on these blogs as the rest of the world is doing….ME FIRST at any cost….we are a bunch of hypocrites now aren’t we..and yes, I include myself in that statement for until we are truly tested we do not know.


  6. Sam Beckett says:

    Many of these nations have oceans that are within their own territory. Here in my state of California, the city of San Diego built a huge plant that filters ocean water & supplies drinking water to millions of people. I see no reason these countries cannot do the same. Logistically, it would be a challenge to get that water to more inland areas but it can be done


  7. m c says:

    Water will become a major world wide issue soon as it has already brought blood in other countries recently.
    Funny that I work for one of the global water companies now but for how long i dont know.

    Water costs us $1.50 for a 100 cubic feet after the first 1000 cubic feet which costs us $12.00 plus $45.45 for sewage disposal per quarter.

    Living in michigan with water in every direction no farther than 2 miles apart has its rewards.

    I might just end up being another jed clampet when water goes the way of black gold/texas tea. LOL


    • James Glick says:

      wow, should have read your post before doing mine. What bothered me is the buying up of water companies. Forget grim details. Called my local board here. They assured me under no circumstances would this little town sell our private cistern well source on a hillside. I belive this should be major consideration if relocating.


  8. Granny Bear says:

    I read, about a year ago, that the Saudis are buy up vast tracts of farm land in Argentina. If I can find the link, I will post it as a reply. I sometimes wonder WHO is the real purchaser behind all these “We Buy Ugly Houses” signs. Some unknown is buy an awful lot of private US property, including foreclosures, tax arrears. and fallow farms.


  9. Granny Bear says:

    Agrimoney.com | Saudis buy Argentine farms on eve of land curbs
    http://www.agrimoney.com/…/saudis-buy-argentine-farms-on-eve-of-land-…Dec 21, 2011 – Dairy giant Almarai buys 12000 hectares of Argentine farmland, just ahead of laws which will limit foreign ownership of land.
    http://www.bloomberg.com/…/almarai-acquires-argentina-farm-operator- …Dec 21, 2011 – Almarai Co., Saudi Arabia’s largest food producer by market value, acquired Fondomonte SA, a company that owns and operates three farms in …

    Saudi firm buys farmland in Argentina – USATODAY.com
    http://www.usatoday.com/money/…/food/…/argentina-farmland-saudi…/1Dec 25, 2011 – DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia’s largest dairy company said this week that it is buying Argentine farm operator Fondomonte for …


  10. the only reason why libya was invaded was over water. america and the rest of them have stolen gaddafis fossil water pipeline and seen as water is worth more than gold and oil in these countries when it dries up they are going to make a fortune. gaddafi spent $20 billion on his project to turn desert into arable land for his people. all done without profit as he would never make that much money back and with about 400 years of water underground he could do that. also it was only completed about 6mths before the invasion how convenient for them. all wars have a reason behind it look at afganistan and what it has to offer and think about it seriously before you answer.


  11. James Glick says:

    I am avid fan of Irv Baxter and “End Times” he puts on TV. Interestingly, this is proof of how right on he is. He speaks of the coming “cutting off” of the entire Eurphrates, which then allows a dry bed over which the Rev. prophecy army of 200,000,000 (China’s current military statistics or close) to simply walk across. Interesting beyond interesting. Wonder how the aethiests will spin this improbable coincidence away. Million monkeys with typewriters thing currently in effect all over the world. Maybe they can use the million monkeys writing King Lear argument.


  12. James Glick says:

    Water wars are not only in the mid east. Boone Pickens has bought up tons of acerage over Texas. Aquafer basin. Huge. The land owner owns the water underneath. California treatening Arizona to leave them dry if they don’t want the country of Mexico to continue to spill into America 24/7. All water bills in NW have, or more, since I got here. Waterworld movie, how possible it might be– with desertification of the whole planet also going on maybe. Add to that my personal favorite–Rev. shows l/4 of all water undrinkable. Not that much fresh water to begin with. Wonder where the l/4 victims will be located or just general all over the continents.


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