India’s capital in water crisis after supplies cut in searing heat-wave

June 15, 2012INDIALarge parts of New Delhi were struggling with acute water shortages on Friday after a neighboring state cut its supplies at the peak of summer, officials said. The sprawling Indian capital, with a population of 16 million sweltering in 43 degree C (109.4 F) summer heat, relies on four neighboring states for its water — Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand. Haryana, the biggest supplier, cut its flow to the city on Thursday and about three million people have suffered shortages or been completely cut off, according to the Delhi Jal Board, a government agency responsible for water supply. Some of the capital’s smartest districts are among the affected areas, and the crisis reflects growing water stresses in the country of 1.2 billion people. “Suddenly, Haryana is refusing to release water to Delhi,” a top Delhi Jal Board official told AFP, requesting anonymity. “We are struggling at all levels. Every minute we are registering complaints of water shortage. This crisis has left us in a mess.” Several states across India face major challenges over water supply, triggering long-running legal battles over water sharing. Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit accused Haryana, which says it has to conserve water for its own residents, of “playing foul” with the capital. “We are not asking for any favours. We want what is due to us,” Dikshit said in a statement Thursday. In the peak of summer, New Delhi needs 1,100 million gallons of water every day, according to the Delhi Jal Board, but public water providers are able to only supply 835 million gallons. “There is always a supply-demand gap but this gap is just widening and worsening the crisis,” said Himanshu Thakkar, an expert on water management at the South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People research group in New Delhi. –Terra Daily
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9 Responses to India’s capital in water crisis after supplies cut in searing heat-wave

  1. Peter says:

    Get the sense this is just the beginning of social unrest involving water shortages. We have desecrated our planet on so many levels.


  2. Thomas says:

    I get the feeling if this crisis we can expect India and several other countries falling into civil war. So I’m gonna dig into the history of India to see if there are any clues on how this crisis and civil war play out, politically, such as rivalries, ethnic tension, and historical conflicts.


  3. Deb says:

    Thank GOD I live in the USA!


  4. Michael says:

    So round about now we have 4 million thirsty people in Dehli, not good.


  5. coleen says:

    A local radio station has an advertisement about WW III been caused by lack of water in nations . Maybe a prophetic utterance of what is to come shortly to the nations?


  6. wendy says:

    This IS just the beginning of it ALL! It’s so easy to see that millions will die over wars for water and food. Even here in the States where I am. It WILL run out, too many people too much poison in the waters. So many wanted it all w/o thinking down the road. I believe many, all over the world are doomed……


  7. tim says:

    well what do we expect ? we breed like rabits then wonder why all our resources are gone.


  8. Artoro says:

    I recently received a letter from the Water Authority in Nevada. They are tapping into the ground water resource, once reported as no potable I think, and to my knowledge has never been done before. I guess we are in frantic need now because, Lake Mead (a man made lake created by Hover Dam, and the water source for this area and others) is so low now, the submerged town is showing even more.

    We have had water restrictions for many years now, and we haven’t had much rain the past few of years. I’m going to presume that after they suck all the water out of the ground, we will start experiencing sink holes. After it’s all gone LV will become a ghost town. Water shortages are happening everywhere.


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