Dallas Texas pummeled by extreme June hail storm

June 15, 2012 DALLAS, TXDallas residents set to work Thursday cleaning up and repairing damage from a sudden hailstorm forecasters called one of the city’s worst in 10 years. Tennis ball-sized hailstones began to shower down with alarming speed around 6 p.m. Wednesday, smashing windows and skylights, tearing apart trees and denting cars — although no injuries were reported —The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday. “This will definitely be up there in the rankings of Dallas’ worst hailstorms in the last 10 years,” said Nick Hampshire of the National Weather Service. Greens-keepers got busy early Thursday repairing countless divots left in the Lakewood Country Club golf course. The Lakewood Theater’s tower and marquee will remain dark for some time, the handmade neon tubes destroyed by the hail. –UPI
video (c) WFAA News 8 – Belo Corp                     story contribution by Emanni
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14 Responses to Dallas Texas pummeled by extreme June hail storm

  1. Thoughts and prayers go with you all in Dallas. We done that here in East Tennessee last year. Still work being done from 2 storms. Sounds crazy but watch for soil changes after that if you farm or raise a garden.


    • Artoro says:

      Soil changes like what? In that I mean, does it lose it’s productiveness?


      • Ours has for some plants, its like the acidity or a mineral has been extracted or added. We went in the garden a day or two after the 2nd storm and once again it left impressions in the ground it hit so hard, only it looked like dried blood on the ground. I’m 52 and grew up on a farm, never seen the ground bleed. I have pictures somewhere of it. My wife noticed it before I did. This years garden and even the hay & pasture fields haven’t done well without heavy fertilizers being used, even by ones like me who don’t usually use chemical fertilizers. The hail that happened with had holes in the center of them, I think the 2nd storm where the hail was mostly golf ball sized, unlike the 1st storm that was baseball sized.


      • I meant to also say, if you have cattle and feed hay, buy at least half more than you usually use. Everybody I talked with, including ours, cattle ate like there was no tomorrow. Seems they couldn’t get full. Some ended up selling their cows out this winter, and we had a wet, easy winter.


  2. roni says:

    These severe hailstorms are popping up all over the planet…..


  3. Apple IIGS says:

    Yet no alarm bells are raised.

    I’m still wondering when we’ll see an event that will forceably wake people up. And will it be weeks, months or years away?


  4. lydia says:

    Here in dallas…Im a service advisor/claim rep for insurance companies. So far 10000 claims in half a day. It looks like a war zone down here. 😦 With all these changes god bless and take care everyone.


  5. Robert M. says:

    Estimated $400 million dollars in damages.


  6. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Well, God did say that if we followed his commands and lived his way we would not have to endure the plagues he sent on Egypt, but if we do not follow his ways he said we WILL have to endure all the plagues he put on Egypt. Hail was certainly one of them as well as complete darkness, rivers of blood and others.


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