Putin threatens timely response to US missile defense system in Europe

June 14, 2012MOSCOWRussia has every possibility to provide a proper response to the projected deployment of a U.S. missile shield in Europe, though Moscow would like to see the U.S. plans revised, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday. “We should look forward and give response [to these plans] in a timely manner,” Putin told servicemen at a Russian air base. “Of course, our partners should better not do this [implement their missile shield plans] as this move would drive our response,” he added. The president stressed that regardless to the rhetoric western politicians use to describe the shield deployment plans, “This remains a part of the arms race. We have every possibility to provide a proper response,” he said. In liaison with this, Putin stressed the importance of timely implementation of state defense orders. “We must implement state defense orders strictly on time, with the necessary quality and at reasonable prices. If we do it, there will be no particular threat to us.” –RIA Novosti
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6 Responses to Putin threatens timely response to US missile defense system in Europe

  1. Kaos says:

    A long duration solar flare reaching M1.9 took place at 14:30 UTC Thursday morning.
    The flare was centered around Sunspot 1504

    Num Lat.,CMD Long. Area Extent class count class
    1504 S17E14 86 560 12 EKC 25 BGD

    I have been monitoring Sunspot 1504 and researching into this maximum which is unique to say the least..

    Maybe a chance for some X Class Flares if it continues to grow… Doesn’t look like its slowing down!



  2. Sam Beckett says:

    I love Putin is an old school communist hardliner…haha I really do, hate communism etc..of course but it is nostalgic that Russia is back to their old tough guy talk these past few years. Russia will do absolutely nothing but talk, it is expected of Putin by the Russian people to act this way.


    • Carla Burgers says:

      Sam, Russia only has to threaten with turning of the oil and gas supply, they’ve got a trump card now which they didn’t have in “the good old communisme” days which makes them more un-reliable. You can’t believe a word they’re saying anyway and their lack of compassion for people and cultures is soo missing. Keep safe and keep on prepping, don’t forget the mice/rat poison and fly spray.


    • Columbine says:

      I think you greatly underestimate Putin, Sam Beckett and I know you are under estimating the Russian people. Russia is already very involved in Syria and believe me, he and the Russian government are working to consolodate their puppet power in neighboring countries.


      • mark says:

        You are absolutely right. It is foolish to underestimate the threats of a man at the helm of a global power with global ambitions.


  3. Ellen Truax says:

    Putin’s a double dealing ruthless tyrant, the Russian people despise him, and there’s no telling what he’s up to, ofcourse he’s going to stand up and strut his stuff in the world arena, his feather’s are ruffled, as America’s would be, if the Russian’s decided to set up shop in Mexico.
    The old saying, keep your friend’s close and your enemy’s closer, comes into play, anytime Putin’s involved.
    Sleep with one eye open!!


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