10 Responses to Eurozone critical mass: How it could all go down this summer with Italy and Finland exiting and banks in flames

  1. Dennis E. says:

    Ok, we need to watch this carefully, my point being, five countries may leave, leaving how many?
    These are the weakest nations? Then a reconfiguration of nations, may save Euro?
    Also, Europe may, may eventually change from oil imports from Russia as the major provider to Israel who has in the past week or so, discovered another vast field(s) of gas and oil off the coast of Hafia that is reported to exceed the previous off shore find last year.


  2. tonic says:

    Getting closer each day, to ressurection of the Barter Economy.


  3. Let’s hear it for the eminently solvent, in fact filthy rich small nations of Europe, Luxembourg and Leichtenstein. I read that the Grand Duke of Luxembourg is a billionaire, and the family is skilled in finance, but conservative. The heir will marry this September (if there is a September, but more likely to be one there than elsewhere). Same deal in even smaller Leichtenstein, the Mouse that Roared. Very rich, conservative, prospering mightily with industry after centuries of rural poverty before the the “Grand Dukes” moved in and turned things around. These little nations have the highest standard of living in Europe for all of their residents. Speaks well for small enlightened monarchies (or properly speaking, Grand Duchies).


  4. Colleen says:

    You never hear this type of news in the main media’s. You might think life is business as usual when you read the mainstrain news of today. The headlines of today’s news is what the politicians or the Hollywood stars are doing or not doing. Same old mundane subjects over and over. There is so much happening on our planet and yet it goes unnoticed by the majority of folks. So sad. So sad.


    • radiogirl says:

      Or….in the interest of national security…………….see no evil..etc………


    • nickk0 says:

      Colleen – I think part of the general apathy of Americans, is due to “news saturation”.
      Folks getting bombarded with sound and video bites, who have learned to develop the attention span of a housefly.
      The problem with this “news fatigue”, is that IF something REALLY serious seems about to happen….. They seem strangely ‘blase’ and ‘passe’ about these things.

      ANOTHER reason, for some of the general ‘apathy’, is the commentary & chatter in the media about the economy and corporations with their ‘projected’ and ‘expected’ earnings.
      HOW do they “plan” for an economy going Off The Cliff ??
      Corporations, with a Head made up of a Board of Directors, being the animals of profit that they are, can’t possibly THINK or PLAN, in terms of LOSS.
      It seem unnatural for them to admit to it….. The sky will be blue forever, there must never be storms or blizzards! 😐


  5. A bag a cheetos will cure your depression and take your mind of all your economic woes. REALLY! IT’S TRUE!! I just heard about it on a radio commercial. I can’t wait for the supermarket to open so I can stock up today…


  6. suez says:

    All this is happening to get it all ready for the New World Order. It is all going according to their plan. It will all lead to the take ove, and bringing in of the Anti-Christ. Just as the Bible foretells!!!! Get ready, be prepared spiritually!! It is going to happen!! Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he is our only hope!!!!!


    • Joshua says:

      So true! Every day things are heading further down the path the Word declared! Turn to the Lord and trust in Him!!! O’ come Lord Jesus!


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