China’s Wuhan city covered in mysterious haze

June 12, 2012 CHINA – Young and old residents of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan were advised to stay indoors on Monday after a thick haze blanketed the city of nine million people, official media said. Described by residents as opaque with yellowish and greenish tinges, the fug descended suddenly in the morning, prompting people to rush to put on face masks, witnesses told AFP. The official Xinhua news agency quoted the environmental protection department of Hubei province saying in a statement: “Children, the elderly and people with heart or respiratory diseases are advised to stay indoors.” Xinhua said straw burning was the cause and denied there had been any industrial accidents in or near Wuhan, after Internet rumors suggested there had been an explosion at a chemical complex northeast of the city. “I looked out of the window of my office and I could not believe my eyes,” said resident Li Yunzhong. “At first I thought it was going to rain. In 31 years in Wuhan I have never known anything like it. We are very worried because we do not know what it is.” France’s consulate-general in the central city advised residents to stay at home, close their windows and limit the use of air-conditioning. “The source of the thick cloud that has covered the city of Wuhan since this morning is at present unknown,” it said on its website. “Local authorities have promised us the information as soon as possible.” Xinhua described the haze as grey-yellow in colour and said it was seen in seven cities in Hubei province, including Wuhan. Air pollution is increasingly acute in major Chinese cities and authorities are frequently accused of underestimating the severity of the problem in urban areas, especially in Beijing. Air-quality monitoring showed Wuhan’s PM10 particulate concentration stood at 0.574 mg per cubic metre at 2:00 pm, more than triple the daily average of 0.150 mg, Xinhua reported. –Yahoo
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12 Responses to China’s Wuhan city covered in mysterious haze

  1. ?????? says:

    What?!! China have a evironmental protection service! The department must be deepy underfunded.


  2. skywalker says:

    looks very yellow , thats probably sulpher from all the low grade coal they burn in their coal fired power stations


  3. Sam Beckett says:

    Risking sounding like a “tinfoil hat” person, the same mysterious big haze was reported by many people in every city before the black plague. The haze was being spread from ships in the air & mysterious tall figures in black clothing with scythes, which is where the “grim reaper” came from. I think aliens did it, & did this..however, I highly doubt people will start getting sick & die right now..this haze could be something experimental, to change something in our DNA, etc…


  4. TexasRedNeck says:

    That’s ok all of the clean air from the USA will get there in a few days thanks to the EPA closing all of the factories here. We sent all of our jobs to China, we might as well send them our clean air too. Thank you Communist EPA people you have destroyed America and thank you China you stepped up and took all those lost American jobs. The EPA of America seems to actually believe that “clean air” of America actually stays right here in America, I guess they have’nt figured out that the wind really does move that clean air all around the earth. Just keep sending us that dirty nasty air China we’re only too happy to lose more jobs to you, clean up the dirty air and send it moving on around the earth.


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      Your comments reminded me of a farmer(a friends dad) that went on a rant about how he couldn’t use the chemicals, DDT to name one, that he had in the past because of the EPA. They had used the same stuff for YEARS, never hurt a thing, regulations were nonsense, all the studies were lies. A couple of weeks later, my friend and i were going fishing but he had to finish “spraying” the crops first. His dad was there, so i said to him jokingly, “why don’t you get off your lazy backside and finish spraying so we could leave”? “I can’t”, he replied, ” I get light headed, dizzy, sick to my stomach and may thowup or even passout when i get near the chemicals. Doctor told me i’ve absorbed to much in my liver over the years”! He also said fishing was a waste of time, not as many fish as there used to be. He was right, about the fishing! Question, TRN. how many items that you own have the “MADE IN CHINA” stamp?


  5. Peter says:

    Feel bad for people who have to breathe in that air.


  6. krystal says:

    Didn’t this just happened in another country awhile back? This looks familiar, similar story… in Russia? The “pollen” theory?


  7. Nick says:

    I was in China, and I believe it is not a pure air pollution phenomenon. Nothing like this ever happened, even in those coal mining and industrial areas.


  8. Granny Bear says:

    It does look sulfurous. Unfiltered copper smelters and coal furnaces can do this. Copper Hill, Georgia, USA used to have nothing growing due to sulfur in the air. Stack filters turned the sulfuric acid into a profitable byproduct. This was fifty, sixty years ago. The filters are not new. Copper Hill is where Japanese kudzu was first planted, trying to get something, anything to grow. Kudzu did finally grow.
    Natural Hazards is a service of NASA’s Earth Observatory.

    There is “haze” over most of China, almost every week. I used to think it was on purpose to hide from satellites and to conceal land features and construction from Google Earth and other eyes in the sky. But neglect of using even the old, available technologies to prevent loss of air quality is just as foolish. Much of China is subject to dust storms, as well. Seismic disturbances squeeze gases and dust into the atmosphere, too. Stir it all up together. Yuck.

    The air in many European and USA cities was terrible in the late fifties and sixties. In Tokyo, Japan, there used to be coin operated oxygen kiosks on city corners to help people be able to get from one building to another. Though that mess was better than the earlier “Industrial Revolution” smog. We all had to clean up. Had to clean the rivers, too. And we all have to keep at it and watch all the time, everywhere for industries that try to cut corners and don’t do what they can to mitigate this ongoing problem. Some do seem to make it all worse. So much worse that it seems almost, to be by design, sometimes.


  9. Emanni says:

    Torrential rain hits central China

    People evacuate property in Huitong County, central China’s Hunan Province, June 10, 2012. Torrential rains hit the county on June 10. As of noon Monday, 112,000 people had been affected and 26,000 people evacuated in Huitong county, which borders Guizhou province.


  10. isis2012 says:

    I was wondering if it had a smell of some kind to it … first thought to mind was a powdery form of Octasulfur which would be a soft, bright-yellow powder with only a faint odor … this is a by-product which can be released from fueling chambers during decontamination or a breakdown to an underground ancient pyramid’s “atomic nuclear reactor facility” … either way the forceful blow-out ejection of this process could cause noted surface trembles and a stron release of wind …. But this would have quite a large scale of toxic affects to humans and animals …


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