Strange spiral light seen in night skies over the Middle East likely a Russian missile launch

June 11 2012MIDDLE EASTRemember the Norway Spiral back in 2009 and the Australian Spiral in 2010? On June 7, 2012 there was another swirling spiral of light, this time see in the skies over the Middle East. People across the region reported seeing a “UFO” and soon videos began showing up on YouTube. In several videos from Israel, Syria, Iran and other Middle East, the object started out looking somewhat like a comet and then started spiraling. But this missile wasn’t out of control. Alan Boyle from MSNBC’s Cosmic Log talked with space analyst Jim Oberg, who said the Topol’s “third-stage spin is a ‘feature,’ not a malfunction, and may be associated with guidance, or decoy deploy, or enhancing hardness against U.S. boost-phase antimissile weapons.” Oberg also noted a few other “coincidences” of why this particular missile test was seen while other similar tests haven’t been viewed. If the Russians were testing the associated warhead’s ‘penaids’ — “penetration aids to frustrate tracking and targeting by U.S. anti-missile systems,” this would result in a trajectory that was higher than normal, allowing it to be seen from a greater distance. Another contributing factor, Oberg said, is “It’s June — near the time of the ‘midnight sun’ in northern latitudes. That means sunlight is streaming over the pole, throughout the night. Something in the northern sky above the atmosphere over Kazakhstan would be backlit by that sunlight.” –Physics
Perhaps a more intriguing question is, in light of escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, why are the Russian testing a third-stage rocket launch vehicle over the Middle East?
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21 Responses to Strange spiral light seen in night skies over the Middle East likely a Russian missile launch

  1. niebo says:

    They test over the middle East because…they can.


    • No, you need to do some research go to you tube and research the ancient spirals they are everywhere on mountains and the message is when you see this run like hell up the mountain where the goats go. See for yourself its a warning and a message of what happened in the past and what they recorded.


  2. richard says:

    apparently it is only Russian missiles that make these weird spiral shapes in the sky. …thinking back to 2009 over Norway you know


    • Which is a misnomer within itself. How can a third-stage rocket firing sequence spiral confuse a satellite tracking device if it can’t fool the human eye? If the Russians are serious about enhancing their missile capabilities- perhaps they should concentrate more on stealth and less on making spiral-graphs in the night sky.


      • Irene C says:

        They wanted it to look pretty before it destroyed something? (sarc)


      • Dan Sherwood says:

        Back in the 80’s I was assigned to the R&D center for the Coast Guard. While there I helped to test a heat detection system Used to find hidden people and bails of pot. I use to do a number of things to fool the device that would obviously not fool the naked eye. It drove the researchers crazy, they would say wait we have to recalibrate, something is wrong we have a false heat source and incorrect picture. (when all it was, was one of my crew removing half of an exposure suit and taking a leek off the bow)


  3. wibbys1 says:

    With the “powder Keg” in that area it could be about anything. Maybe “others” are watching. But if it is the Russians the question is a good one, “why are they doing that with everything happening there right now?”


  4. Jake says:

    Russia’s attention-depraved ‘right-hand’ appears to be saying, “We are a player in the world order still, and we will show you some visuals to make you aware of that,” while their “left-hand” will by no means make their real capabilities known.

    Little do those crafty chess masters know that God will have some tricks up His sleeve when the Russians go all-in crazy after the “hook-in-the-jaw” has been set-rendering those capabilities utterly usless.

    ,,,,,can’t wait to delve into your new reads, Alvin. The EP 2012 still continues to bless me.


  5. Tanga says:

    Can you say HAARP………


  6. Sufi says:

    perfect cover story for possible paranormal sighting


    • daniel says:

      That is exactly what i was thinking myself. That was never caused by a “missile”.


      • Sufi says:

        glad you agree, but most people will just believe it. Most of us allow ourselves to be spoon-fed a load of cr*p.


    • Marie-Louise says:

      Thanks fro saying this, I agree. And it looks like a galaxy. Let’s acknowledge the Divine from time to time.

      Maybe our Friends are trying to tell us something!


  7. kim o slonee says:

    Thank you so much for always keeping everyone up to date on everything thats going on in this world,,,a true watchmen on the wall!!!!!


  8. Jbone says:

    If you think that’s a Russian missle you are daft.


  9. suz says:

    Russia showing off it’s toys…..maybe this is their way of sending everya message. They said it was a successful test of their Topol ICBM and it hit it’s target. There is a new breed of destructive toys out there and Russia isn’t the only one with them. North Korea has one that when launched, dives into the ocean and it travels underwater and then suddenly pops up when it’s too late to react. I also remember reading about a secret strobelight weapon they were trying to use in WW11. It was intended to illuminate the battlefield and overwhelm the enemy. When it was employed, it was impossible to locate the vehicle accurately.
    Maybe all these fancy spirals is just supposed to be a diversion.


  10. Therese D says:

    If this has been seen in other parts of the World “?” What then


  11. Helio S Reis says:

    Has anyone here not linked this story with the Project Blue Beam?


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