11 Responses to 17 killed in ethnic clashes involving Buddhists and Muslims in Burma

  1. suz says:

    I have visited one of the Burmese refugee camps in Thailand with homes made of bamboo. 45,000 people fled the war in Burma and a couple million cross the border into Thailand to get work. This war has been going on since they gained independence from Britain in 1948. I thought they were finally going to end their fighting but it seems that is not so by this article. I always liked the Buddhists philosophies, but like any religion they all think they believe in the right God. Actually I think all religions lead to God and the conflict they have with each other is leading to destruction of the human race. Especially the Muslims and the Christians. There needs to be peace between the two.


      • suz says:

        Yes….Hi! I lost my enthusiasm for the other blog. Wasn’t learning anything except how to be frustrated. I enjoy reading your articles and the comments that are posted. I hope you are well.


      • I thought I recognized your writing style. Well, I certainly welcome your balanced wisdom here. It’s so good to hear from you. Hope all is well.



    • ivan says:

      ALL RELIGIONS DONT LEAD TO GOD, THATS CRAZY TALK . . is simple to know, they all have big contradictons, no ligic in that, and im talking from a historical point of view, (im a strong beliveing Bible Christian, one of the reasons i enjoy reading the bible is that NO MAN on this date. can stand up and say i have a book with a stronger register of real historical FACTS from biology anthropology science, astronomy, poetry, or any academic discipline than the Bible)


  2. Johnny says:

    Lol. It’s funny to me that the labels ‘Buddhist’ and ‘Muslim’ are used here. If one is a true follower of either one of the founders of those religions, they would not be fighting at all because they would understand that they would only be fighting themselves. Violence is not taught by the true scriptures of each of those religions, thus the ones referred to in the article are simply Godless Heathens. But alas, all is as it should be.


  3. harald says:

    Actually Suz, only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the bible leads to God. No religion leads to God. As you are witnessing, religion kills (john 10:100 but jesus brings LIFE and that more abundantly. try Romans 10:8-17 and may God bless you. In Jesus name, amen.


    • pagan66 says:

      harald – Depends on the wording & your own definition of God. I myself have an extremely personal relationship with the Deity whom I believe is God the Creator & I can assure you She is not Jesus Christ of the Judaeo/Christian traditions. Religion kills, but only through ignorance, blindness, intolerance & hatred. If only we could all co-exist in peace with our own spiritual/religious beliefs & pathways.



  4. Rik says:

    This is precisely why religion is a dangerous concept. It can inspire hope in some, and pure hatred in others…
    I’m not one to bash other people’s beliefs, but this, amongst other things is precisely why I stay out of the whole thing.


  5. Froza Napoli says:

    I am a Myanmar ,currently living in new york for almost 3 years.Muslim Rohingya immigrated to Myanmar may be 3 decades ago.Illegally, they have been living in Myanmar-actually they are one tribes of Bengali. There are 7 majors ethic in our country-kachin,kayar,kayin,chin,burmese,mon,rakhine and shan.These 7 ethics fought for the independence from British-but not Rohingya.Now,Rohingya demands to get a state from Arakanese.The government and all ethics cannot give them cos they didn’t fought for the independence.Also,Muslim rohingya have been linked to Al Qaeda.This riot began when three Muslim rohingya raped Arakanese girls and Monks.In this month,Arakanese extremists group killed 9 muslims as revenge.Now,Muslims Rohingya are burning and killing many Arakense’s villages and people and destroyed Monasteries.Think about it ? they are acting like Arabian-European .Live in the country where they immigrated,and F*** the country,want the advantages from the country.


  6. suz says:

    Many people are afraid. When they are afraid this disturbs the vibration. We must learn to rise above fear and not let its vibrations impede us. Perfect love casts out fear and religion is not perfect love. Love is the vibration of the higher planes of spirit. When we understand that we are all a part of the Great Spirit, or God, if that is what you like to call it, then we will realize there is nothing that can be compared with that. It has to be number one though….right now material things and power are number one to the majority on this earth instead of love. This is a material world and we think in these terms instead of thinking in terms of the spirit and until that changes, this is what we will create.

    We have been provided with all that is necessary for our soul to grow in wisdom, grace and beauty. The equipment is there, we just have to use them wisely and well.


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