Hundreds forced from homes as flashflooding hits Wales

June 10, 2012 UNITED KINGDOMHundreds of residents and holidaymakers spent Saturday night in refuge centres after floodwater ravaged their homes and holiday caravans in west Wales. Around 150 people were evacuated as caravan parks and villages near Aberystwyth were inundated when more than 5 inches (13cm), twice the local average rainfall for June, fell in 24 hours. As high river levels remained a risk in some areas, police put the overall number of people who fled their homes at 1,000. Andy Francis, of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, told the BBC: “There’s mass scale damage to caravan parks and private dwellings throughout the area. A lot of floodwater’s gone through them, leaving a huge amount of damage, and a residual danger as well from the biohazards; from sewerage, and other contaminants. Lots of sewers may have been damaged, and indeed gas and water supplies damaged, so my advice to anybody entering their properties this morning is to take sensible precautions.” The Environment Agency said the rain had now passed the area while one flood warning for the River Teifi at Lampeter and Llanybydder remains in place. Francis said high river levels remained a risk. “Please do not go near the water, it’s still extremely dangerous, and don’t try to drive through it either, because you will end up becoming a casualty and requiring rescue.” Outside of Wales, flash floods also struck two villages near York, inundating properties. North Yorkshire fire crews said they pumped water out of Flaxton and Stockton-on-the-Forest after torrential rain on Saturday afternoon. The flooding was concentrated in Main Street in Flaxton and Sandy Lane in Stockton-on-the-Forest. –Guardian
Contribution by Dublintaff
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6 Responses to Hundreds forced from homes as flashflooding hits Wales

  1. Johnny says:

    Alvin, is there someplace I can send you links for breaking ‘end-of-world’ news? As this comment is unrelated to this article. Please email me and let me know. Thanks.

    Dozens in hospital after 6.0 quake hits near Turkish resort


  2. So much has come down, we have tipped, misused and destoried so much of Mother Earth … she is now let us know she is angered. WE need to show her more respect before we too will receive her respect.


  3. tellthetruth1 says:

    This has really upset me. Whilst the country had been under the weather hammer when we were having all that rain and wind last week, Saturday, and most of yesterday were really beautiful where I live. The rain began again last night. I’d better see if we’re in for another pounding in West Norfolk. 😦 What horrific news, Alvin. I’d better get a letter off to a pal of mine in that area…


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