Western Turkey rattled by 5.1 magntiude earthquake

June 9, 2012TURKEY – A 5.1magnitude earthquake has struck the western parts of Turkey, including Istanbul, shaking apartment buildings, rattling windows and causing residents to rush into the streets. The tremor was also felt in neighboring Bulgaria, in the municipalities of Burgas, Nessebar, Plovdiv and Kardzhali. According to the National Institute in Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography, at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BAS, the quake occurred shortly before midnight. The epicenter was registered in the Marmara Sea, a few kilometers from the town of Tekirdag and Marmara Ereglisi. It was at a depth of 10 km. The quake was followed by two light aftershocks. There were no immediate reports of casualties and damages, but the quake threw people into panic. –Novinite
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18 Responses to Western Turkey rattled by 5.1 magntiude earthquake

  1. Columbine says:

    Because so many people have recently expressed their rising levels of fear in the comments, I think it’s important to take a look at this map: http://neic.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/neic_b000a9zd_h.html . This is a visual representation of all the earthquakes from 1990 till the present in the area where this 5.1 (4.9 according to USGS) happened a couple days ago. Our earth is constantly moving, it is never still. The magma under the surface is continually moving, we move through space, the wind blows, the ground shifts – movement. Turkey and Alaska and southern California are ALWAYS moving – there are hundreds, if not thousands of earthquakes in each of those nations/states every year. If they stop, THEN we have cause to be afraid, very afraid. The natural order of the earth is to move.

    My point is, fear is not going to help anyone. In fact, it will cause more problems. Look at the facts, then take the appropriate actions. But do not be afraid. What is going to happen is going to happen. Fear paralyzes. Knowledge frees us to take what precautions we can physically and to make sure we are prepared spiritually. Jesus himself told us that these things must happen but to not be afraid. Check out Luke 21 and see what HE had to say about it all.


    • James says:

      I am more excited than fearful because I connect the seemingly increasing number of quakes to what the Lord said about the last days.

      So you are saying the frequency of quakes now is normal?


      • Columbine says:

        a chart listing the number of earthquakes every year since 2000.

        a chart listing the number of earthquakes every year from 1990-1999

        Yes, the number does seem to be increasing in the past 25 years or so. Could be from better monitoring or it could be ‘for real’. My point in the first comment is about FEAR. Check out the facts in more than one place. As much as I like TEP – and I think Alvin would probably agree with this – people need to check things out for themselves, not just believe everything they are told. They also need to put things into context and into perspective (such as all the quakes in Turkey, Alaska and southern California, there have been questions and fears raised about these specific ones – what are the historical facts compared to the last week or two, the last year, the last 10 years? Look at the maps like the one in the link in my first post.). Otherwise we are only blind sheep being led by either shepherds or wolves – either way, we remain blind. Research and then as I wrote above – prepare and take precautions as needed.


      • Columbine, the only fear or panic mentioned is from the people in the article that were caught in the Earthquake. Fear is a natural response to a threatening situation and when you’re in the middle of an earthquake, no one is comparing data or charts, they are trying to survive. Fear also has nothing to do with a belief or no belief in God. Everyone has it or will have it and it’s normal. Living within it, is the problem. How about Moses when God descended on the mountain? “And so terrible was the sight, that Moses said, I exceedingly fear and quake.” Hebrews 12:21.

        This is not a sheep gathering nor am I looking for one. It’s a blog with news. I think readers here are intelligent enough to asses the situation before or after they come here to know the historical significance of what’s affecting their world, be it the Ukraine or Turkey.


      • James says:

        Columbine, What you are actually saying is, “there is nothing to fear because all this is normal, do the research and see for yourselves”. You think this site is about fear mongering? Then you miss the point. This blog is about news.


    • Columbine says:

      I read all the comments and I am addressing several comments where people have said quite specifically that all of these news articles are making them afraid. They have FEAR – fear for their children, fear for themselves. Alvin, you have responded to at least two of them personally recently. I am not critisizing Alvin or this website – I’m saying people need to put things into perspective, search out information themselves and PREPARE. Fear paralyzes, knowledge frees us. Jesus Christ told his disciples over and over again not to be afraid. He said it to John again in the first chapter of the book of Revelation, Do not be afraid. Again – I am addressing those who are AFRAID after they read these news articles, not criticizing Alvin or TEP for posting them.


      • Columbine, we know that you are not criticizing the site and your contributions are valued here.

        I want everyone to know that the site is merely a confluence for various ideas, stories, events and news and you’re right, we should not be paralyzed by anthing that is due to come our way. I also do understand people experiences of fear in dealing with traumatic events and they should know that they can find some solace here also by sharing some of these events with many others who have had similar experiences.


  2. George Brenner says:

    When some tragedy strikes and its over there
    We can thank God for the moment and not despair
    Yet we all share this earth and must have empathy
    for Jesus gave his life for you and for me


  3. Sue says:

    Amen George Brenner.
    The increase in volcanic eruptions cannot be explained away so easily and casually. How one perceives the current world situation provides insight into the soul. Soon all will see that everything we are witnessing has been given to serve as an advanced warning. The events are birthing pangs to the real new world order in which Jesus will be the ruler of this world. All His words are true and it is written there will come an end to the time that satan has power and control over this world. The rightful owner whose name is called The Word of God, whose eyes are as a flame of fire with many crowns on His head, is coming with His army of angels to set His people free from the grips of the oppressor and destroyer. My spirit rejoices.

    When we fear we are not trusting God. He does not give His people a spirit of fear, but we are told to be watchful. If you don’t watch, you won’t see. The world seems relatively normal when I look out my window, but in truth, it is a time like no other out there and the warning signs are everywhere. Our brother Alvin’s watchfulness is a tremendous blessing to me, and makes up for all who are either blinded, scoffers, in denial or just plain wicked. Jesus is coming with righteous judgement with fierceness and the wrath of the Almighty God and good things in store for those who love and fear Him. All glory, honour and power unto the Lord our God, Jesus Christ.


  4. alex says:

    All i have to say is things are changeing in my home state of iowa alone we are breaking record tempatures and just 2 months ago we got 18 in of rain in 12 hrs so i beleive things are getting worse they are changeing per say oh btw alvin look at the flooding in alabama they were in a drought for 2 years now they are getting so much rain so frequently they have extreme flooding


  5. Shaun says:

    Taiwan hit by a 6.0


  6. Chag62 says:

    We need to consider the increasing quantity of earthquakes, volcanid activity, violent weather and climate change, socioeconomic disintegration, global economic and geopolitical crises and threats of regional and global war, increasingly violent solar activity approaching a solar max, planetary geomagnetic field instability, dangerous levels of atmospheric and oceanic/waterway pollution as interactive components of potentially catastrophic global crisis. Since the scripture, legends, myths and traditions of every ancient culture on this planet, including those from which the judeochristion bible was evolved, as well as archeological evidence reveal the terrestial history of periodic global cataclysm during certain segments of the solar system’s orbit about the center of the galaxy, and the periodiciy of those cyclic events was revealed in astronomical configurations observed from earh, forecasts of future cataclysms could be and were documented. The solar system seems to be in one of those eras now; speculation that the solar system enters intense intergalactic/interstellar radiation fields during those phases has quite a lot of support in the cosmological and astrophysical communities. IMHO the Extinction Protocal performs a magnificent service in alerting us all to the fulture we’re facing, with the message that we’d better be preparing ourselves, families and communites for worst case.


  7. Irene C says:

    Although I do agree that fear can cause paralysis, it can also help with survival if a person is prepared. When my house started shaking and my chandelier started swaying during the VA earthquake last year, there was a bit of fear going through me. It was unnerving since this is something we don’t normally get in Ohio. I don’t think that any of us could honestly say that we would not be afraid if we were worried about our house falling down on top of us. That being said, living in perpetual fear is not only unhealthy, but shows a lack of faith. Knowing in advance on what to do during “just in case” scenarios and remembering that our Lord is still in control, helps overcome that initial feeling of fear. Just my opinion.



  8. tonic says:

    Earthquake stats can hide oddities, like the mag 4 off the coast of Ireland. That was weird, because it was a mag 4. A lot of energy released in an area that just doesn’t have earthquakes as part of the norm. If the core is getting hotter then it is frightening, because energy release is not largely confined to the techtonic plates anymore, and can happen anywhere. Be interesting to know if any dead fish were wasing ashore there.


  9. Amrit says:

    We are in Sarigerme village on hollidays. We felt te tremor while playing cards in our room.


  10. suz says:

    I understood what Columbine was trying to say. Fear is produced from our imaginations mostly and always reading negativity will often produce negative thinking and sometimes unwarranted fear… even in mature, stable adults. Alvin is right also, fear can be an effective motivator too. I feel it’s important to point out, from time to time, that there are good things happening in the world as well and some of what we’re reading here is normal activity for our planet. I believe Columbine was trying to create some balance.


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