U.S. experiences its warmest Spring on record

June 9, 2012CLIMATE The continental United States experienced the warmest spring on record this year, with temperatures far above the average over the past century, government scientists said Thursday. The United States, excluding Alaska, Hawaii and overseas territories, had an average temperature of 57.1 degrees Fahrenheit (13.9 Celsius) from March through May, 5.2 degrees (2.9 Celsius) above the average from 1901 to 2000, the data showed. “Spring 2012 marked the largest temperature departure from average of any season on record for the contiguous United States,” the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a statement. This year’s spring was up 2.0 degrees (1.1 Celsius) from the previous warmest spring in the United States which was recorded in 1910, the agency said. The year from June 2011 through May also marked the warmest 12-month period on record after a hot summer and warmer winter. The average temperature was 3.2 degrees (1.8 Celsius) above average, the agency said. In terms of monthly figures, the United States experienced the warmest March, the third warmest April and the second warmest May, the agency said. Scientists have repeatedly warned that emissions of greenhouse gases, largely through industrial activity, are heating up the planet and could spell serious long-term problems, including the extinction of plant and animal species and the flooding of low-lying islands. UN-led efforts for a new global climate agreement have moved slowly. Climate change remains a controversial topic in the United States, with many prominent members of the Republican Party casting doubt on the science. –Terra Daily
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11 Responses to U.S. experiences its warmest Spring on record

  1. J. Tiff says:

    such balony, here in Yelm Washington, it’s been quite cool with lots of rain. It might be warm in, say Okalhoma, but not up here in the Pacific Northwest.


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      I respectfully disagree, I too live in the N.W. and yes it’s been wet & rainy but warmer and very humid! Where’s the cold crisp mornings? It’s 50+deg. at 5am in the morning. When was the last time we worried about spring frost ruining the garden blooms or the 20deg, cold and clear 2 week periods in February. In fact the rain is even different, very heavy/prolonged showers, also more than normal thunder storms. I’ve lived here for 58yrs, the last couple have been different.


  2. nanoduck says:

    The weather here in the USA have been anything but normal. It’s been cycling through hot and cool temperatures, sometimes it is hot and then sometimes it is cooler than normal. I think it is going to be very hot and dry summer this year for most of the country.


  3. Stefan says:

    And in Sweden it is cooler, or even colder, than normal. At the moment it is a little cooler than normal. Send some of Your heat this way, please ! We need a summer worth its name….


  4. TLindemann says:

    Would be interesting to know about Canada’s spring this year also. In February, this writer (me) commented on a pervious article here how the trees were starting to bud in Calgary, Alberta and environs. Well, now the proof in the proverbial pudding has been found. Many trees have either died or are still asleep due to what arborists call “being confused”. They do not know what season it is. Most trees, however, budded and leafed early this year, at least in these parts of the province.

    This writer seems to recall most of the country has had a milder and warmer than most. Originally, Environment Canada had predicted most of the country to experience record-breaking cold and snow, something along the lines one of the worst winters in one hundred years. We prepared accordingly, but were pleasantly surprised!

    Now we are told that although the spring has been a little wetter than usual (but still definitely warmer), most of Western Canada, at least, is set to experience a dryer and hotter summer than usual. Time will tell.


  5. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Of course it was warmer in much of the US this winter. The polar vortex shifted from North Canada to Western Asia all the way back to central Europe where many people froze to death. So where else would we get our winds from except the Carribean and Pacific. The atmosphere is a continuum and if you have a large pocket of low pressure aloft causing very cold temperatures in one area then air from high pressure areas will automatically move in to fill the gap. The theory of carbon in the atmosphere causing massive global warm up means we better all stop breathing! There is one gas that does cause more towards Earth warming however and that is water vapor!Do I need to teach all of these man made global warming people a basic course in meteorology and climatology. Can’t they do their own true research? They are dispicable to be blaming everyONE but THEMSELVES for any little change on a planet that has been in perpetual change eons before they were born.


  6. Grandpa says:

    and its pretty funny how allegany and cattaragus counties in ny got disaster grants till next february for agrigcultural damage when things werent to be planted anyway. ..


  7. Bill K says:

    I’m thinking that the earth is just going through its normal cycle. It’s rotation on its axis is just at a little different angle causing all of the different weather, earthquakes, and volcanoes. It’s happend in the past and it will happen again and again.


  8. Rick3 says:

    Piers Corbyn (the astrophysicist who is forecasting weather, long and short term, with 85%+ accuracy) is talking about (current) weather events which show a distinct lead-up (or lead-in) to another Little Ice Age event. There is more than enough data to show that the warmists ‘science’ is all hot air and nothing more.


  9. Green Leader says:

    With the accelerated warming of the poles due to the methane seep releases (started in 2008), we are now seeing the thermal incline between the tropic and the pole get smaller. This results in slower, weaker jet stream wind.

    When the jet stream slows, it starts to bow and meander in long amplitude north/south waves. It also tends to get stuck over one geographical area, and loop back on itself. Everything north of the jet stream is on the ‘cold side’ fed by the Arctic, everything south of the jet stream is on the hot side fed by the tropic. It is this phenomenon that is driving the crazy hot weather of the USA (remember we lost all the Great Lakes grapes to freezes last month? Same phenomenon). It is this this phenomenon that is driving the weird cold weather in Britain and Sweden, as well. It is *exactly* what Global Warming Theory predicted more than 20 years, like all the other crazy events we’re seeing. Gotta love that science…it makes predictions like that. The potential for an cold climate in Europe was also predicted more than 20 years, due to these exact conditions.

    Piers Corbyn is a hack turning little knobs in his lab to delight his sheepy fans. His own theories do not predict anything. He’s repackaging the course of climate change for the bleating Fox and Alex fans, and not publishing climate science or anything like it. His “success rate” is of his own invention, and not based on anything relevant to the real world. Spare us.


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      Piers has an agenda like most business owners, stay in business! What’s happening is a convergence of many factors. To think the sheer amount of polution and poison manufactured and introduced to our environment by the overpopulation of our planet, that’s almost incomprehensible, dosen’t have an effect is, well, just plain STUPID! It’s apparent just looking at the guy he’s an attention seeker. Seriously, not combing your hair dosen’t make you the next EINSTEIN. It’s time to consider Common Sense as a Major for a degree.


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