Freak hail storm strikes Durban, South Africa

June 9, 2012 SOUTH AFRICAA freak hailstone storm caught Durban off guard on Friday night with unconfirmed reports of damage to roof tiles, gardens and uprooted trees. Chris Hoare, in Durban North, said hail got caught in verges and gardens, and was as much as “six inches thick.” His son and friends took pictures of themselves playing in the hail. However, some suburbs like Glenmore and Westville escaped the storm. Wisani Maluleke, a forecaster at the Durban Weather Office, said temperatures were around 18ºC on Friday night, and large clouds were visible over Durban. “There were reports of hailstones, but we cannot say where,” Maluleke said. A massive ice storm hit Virginia airport in Durban North. Spokesman for the Durban Air Show Ray de Vries said that this is one of the worst hailstorms the aviation fraternity had seen at the airport. “It looked strangely beautiful. The airport was closed due to dangerous conditions.” A number of private planes are expected for the Springbok-England Test match, but de Vries said that airport authorities were confident the storm wouldn’t affect planes flying in for the game. Durbanites, unused to extreme weather conditions, were abuzz on Twitter, while TrafficSA put out a weather warning for motorists, and emergency workers were on high alert. Some people tweeted that it was hailing “mini ice cubes” and that it was as “thick as snow.” Traffic man Rob Byrne posted pictures of a hail-covered road. Rassie Pieterse tweeted: “Hail in Durban, and it’s warmer than Bloem” while others called it a “freak storm.” –I0L news
contribution by Steve B.
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24 Responses to Freak hail storm strikes Durban, South Africa

  1. SandroPixie says:

    I dont know what scares the most, the fact that this ride is geting bumpier every day or the fact that sudently USA is realy quiet about Iran after several months of daily harassment… just a thought. oh and im afraid that this thing about people become more aware and what not is never gonna come either. people are to busy stucking their heads in the sand. i´ll just pray for the best and wait for the worst


  2. Marybell says:

    WOW – If I had lived there – I would have stood outside and took advantage of a free Chriopractic Adjustment.


  3. Laurie says:

    anybody ever heard of six inches of hail in africa before? and if so when? i mean there was so much you could say it snowed!! Jesus♥ is coming!


    • Shelley says:


      i think snow is kinda normal for them but not sure what months are normal. what isn’t normal is the hail… this is the lower part of Africa so the climate is different. i’m sure it’s almost as freakish as Hawaii having a hailstorm just this past March – which is extremely abnormal, especially in the lower parts of the island.

      take care,


  4. Melissa says:

    I live in Castle Rock, Colorado and was witness this week to a freak hail storm that lasted for over two hours…. straight. The last half of the storm produced golf ball-sized hail. It shredded all trees, outdoors plants, and flowers. Snow plows had to come through to clear the hail that was 6-12″ deep across all roadways. The hail was thick and so large that it created a thick sheet of ice that maintained itself and didn’t melt until the following afternoon, in 80+ degree weather. Our unfortunate neighbors to the south in Colorado Springs had cars swept away and much destruction from the storm.

    Though it does indeed hail here in Colorado, I have never in my life seen a hail storm–or several back-to-back storms–violently rain down ice for almost 2 1/2 hours straight. These are freak events that, among others, seem to be occurring everywhere. Just look at all the footage of baseball & grapefruit-sized hail storms from this spring in the U.S. midwest!


  5. Derek says:

    About fifteen years ago we had hail the size of tennis balls for a prolonged period of twenty minutes. It did expensive damage with one or two people render injured. Many cars were dented and a larger number of,windows and glazed roofs were smashed. It was really scary. I am not should if the uk has had anything similar since then. But I know this becoming a global occurrence.


  6. Shaun says:

    thought that this was interesting 18 inches rain in a 24 hour period…


    • Melissa says:

      Yup, we are getting LOTS of rain here in the panhandle of Florida! It’s CRAZY… and I was just thinking this morning… there will be LOTS of snakes looking for a dry place to stay… hope everyone here is careful when walking out the door… last time it rained like this… there was a sneaky little snake on my front porch!


    • alex says:

      That happened to us in iowa couple months ago except we got 16.2 in of rain in 12 hours


  7. M C says:

    It doesnt mean anything go back to shopping at walmart and remember “all is well”.

    As I sat out back in my yard the last couple days I marvelled at how wonderful this planet is and how badly we humans have treated it and no longer deserve it and it looks as if it will be taken away from us soon.


    • Julie says:

      MC –

      It is a marvelous planet (universe!), isn’t it? I appreciate your reminder to smell the roses. The worry does not/will not add one day to what ever is to come. Your reminder is a blessing. Thanks! And thanks, also to you Alvin, for everything! You are a wonderful messenger – kinda like John the Baptist! 🙂 Peace – Julie


  8. Lisa says:

    MC it is indeed a beautiful planet ….its no time for blame


  9. Billy says:

    Here’s something really freaky. Here in Louisiana we’ve been having a lot of rain from a stalled cold front. The rain is not the freaky part, it’s the movement of the storms in the storm system. Storms used to go in one direction; now they seem to go in different directions, stop, and then change direction for no reason. Interesting times.


    • Melissa says:

      That’s exactly what happened here in CO with our freak hailstorm the other day. It had been going to the slight NE when it stalled, and turned to the W/SW and stalled over us for almost 3 hours. On the news they actually said it stalled and was not moving. Then, it took off very quickly and went almost straight east again.


  10. Patty says:

    MC – you’re right. It’s good to think about our planet with affection and feel sorry it has been so badly treated. I live in Colorado and love to see all its vast changes and contemplate how wonderful and ordered God made everything. It is with sadness we should see our human devolvement and God’s massive intelligence. I trust and believe the meek will ultimately inherit the Eternal Earth remade in the end and returned to God’s specifications as in the beginning so don’t worry — after a while all will be made well.


  11. FRANK says:

    I live in Louisiana and we rarely see hail. we freak out when we had peable size hail ten years ago. I can’t imagine 6 1/2 inches of hail in 80 degree weather, wow! That would make us flock to church and start praying like i think we all should. Too many wierd events are occuring on a regular basis, it may bee time for faith to take over instead of lying politicians saying everything is hunky dori.


  12. El'sFriend says:

    This planet used to belong to man but authority to rule it was stolen from us, but another man paid the price to get it back and now it is safe in His hands. Soon He will return to see how those He left in charge are looking after it….


    • TLindemann says:

      That Man, the Second Adam, has restored back to us our authority. He is wanting us to start using it. The call is out to “make straight” the path back to Yahweh (turning back to Torah, together with the Spirit of Messiah) for the Kingdom is at hand. Well, it’s here, and the called out ones get to restore it before Messiah’s return. Acts 1:6-8; Acts 3:18 – 26


  13. Dennis E. says:

    Well, I would like to add that back in either 1973 or 1978 I glanced at an Title Article on a periodical
    and The title was “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS CRAZY WEATHER” or something similar to that.


  14. Chris says:

    I live in south Africa and I can tell you guys it’s not normal to have hail like that in winter the weather has been really strange in this part of the world And we never have wind in winter or rain for that matter..


  15. David Martens says:

    I lived in Durban (on the Bluff) from 1958 to 1976. During the early 1970’s, a stretch of the Bluff (Marine Drive between Harcourt Hotel and the Ansteys Beach turn-off also had a heavy layer of hail. I passed the area three days later and there still was some hail evidient. Anybody else remember that?


  16. Good morning
    Just a thought, SA weather mostly sunny with storms in the summer on the high veld. Winter snow mostly on high lying areas: Lesotho, Drakensburg and the Cape Area. Hail normally in summer. – this is new – this is new – this is new – so soon – to much

    Temperatures in Johannesburg are usually fairly mild due to the city’s high altitude, with the average maximum daytime temperature in January of 25.6 °C (78.1 °F), dropping to an average maximum of around 16 °C (61 °F) in June. Winter is the sunniest time of the year, with mild days and cool nights, dropping to 4.1 °C (39.4 °F) in June and July.


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