10,000 fish die from unknown cause in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake

June 8, 2012BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. – Missouri conservationists are trying to solve a mystery in an area lake. What started as a couple dozen dead carp turned into more than 10,000 in Blue Springs Lake. Conservationists took water samples and couldn’t figure out exactly what caused the deaths. Their samples have now gone onto a national lab for further analysis. Between 500 and 1,000 carp have been killed everyday. Jake Allman, a biologist with the Missouri Conservation, started noticing carp with lesions under their scales the last few weeks. “There’s a little bacterium on the fish, but not enough to really have caused this,” Allman said. “This feeding activity where they are brushing up against each other can actually spread whatever is making them sick.” If Allman had his way, this kill would only continue. “Their spawning activity disrupts spawning of other fish. They root around in the shallows and uproot aquatic vegetation which is beneficial to native fish,” Allman explained. But it seems the carp are now starting to recover. Lake officials are now keeping an eye on the E. coli levels in the water. They had to close a swimming area during Memorial Day Weekend because of a threat of E. Coli from of all the dead fish. –KSBH
contribution by Emanni
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9 Responses to 10,000 fish die from unknown cause in Missouri’s Blue Springs Lake

  1. knowuhwon says:

    I live in blue springs and saw at least 50 24 inch dead carp 2 Weeks ago.I was just talking to my friend about the tons of dead in Japan and now its happening here. First ufos sighted in blue springs and now dead fish.


  2. Artoro says:

    I think the Carp are being exterminated clandestinely by someone with knowledge on specific species eradication, because Carp are known to destroy the habitats of other much preferred species.


  3. Antilluminati says:

    And here we go again 😦 What in GODs name is wrong people??

    I think, we all have a big problem and soon hell will break lose!

    I hope im wrong, but there are soooo many signs that you have to think by yourself: Is 2012 the end of the world (humans)???

    GOD bless you all


  4. Texas Listening Post, Tony says:

    That is interesting, I was going to visit my sister in Lee’s Summit next week and put my kayak in this very lake, maybe not. Thanks for the post.



  5. Melissa says:

    I know that 1.4 is small… but isn’t it big enough to release gasses and such? There was a 1.4 earthquake in MO the other day… could that be what’s going on?


  6. Alia Brown says:

    Labs should observe the levels of aluminae…Bettcha that is the cause.


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