Volcano region on Hawaii’s Big Island shaken by constant swarm of tremors

June 6, 2012HAWAII Mantle Plume: A large number of earthquakes has been rattling the Volcano area on Hawaii Island over the last few days. The quakes have been small, with no damage reported. Still, a handful of those temblors have been 3.0 magnitude and over. There is a constant swarm of quakes surrounding the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, home of the active Kilauea Volcano. We took a screen grab of the screen of the USGS HVO earthquake page, and it shows the long list stretching all the way back to Friday, June 1st. 16 earthquakes have already registered on the list before noon on Tuesday, Hawaii time. The GPS network recorded weak extension overall for the past few months with superimposed contraction and extension fluctuations corresponding to DI tilt events. Seismic tremor levels were generally low, decreasing from a peak around 11 am Sunday. A whopping thirty-three earthquakes were strong enough to be located beneath Kilauea volcano: 4 deep earthquakes below the southwest rift zone, 3 beneath the west edge of the summit area, 7 within and below the upper east rift, 1 north of the middle east rift zone, 7 on south flank faults, and 11 mostly shallow long-period (LP) earthquakes within the Koa`e Fault Zone beneath the Kulanaokuaiki Camp Ground; a quick check this morning showed no obvious new cracking on the surface near the campground. The rise of the Kilauea summit lava lake level in Halemaumau crater continued with several overflows of the inner ledge. At Pu`u `O`o, scientists report lava also rose within the east collapse pit; to the southeast, lava flows continued to advance on the coastal plain. –Big Island Video News
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9 Responses to Volcano region on Hawaii’s Big Island shaken by constant swarm of tremors

  1. Shelley Paet says:


    thank you for posting this… i hope Mauna Loa doesn’t wake up anytime soon….

    many thanks for all your hard work, and as many times before – thank you for this sight and your insight.



  2. Dave H. says:

    My wife and I are heading to that island on the 15th. I hope it gets done with whatever it’s gonna do before we go or wait until we’re gone.


  3. Rick says:

    The entire creation is groaning in anticipation of the revelation of the sons of God.


  4. lavapix says:

    Most likely a combo of the island settling and magma moving. Hoping for a new eruption in the park.


  5. Shelley says:

    here’s an update… this is the 2nd or 3rd this year of a possible tsunami warning but glad nothing happened. i would like to mention that i’ve noticed the earthquakes are beginning to move on the west side of the Big Island – that worries me because that’s where the “lava shelf” is and with a larger magnitude in that area above 5.0 or more that could possibly break it off. the usual side of the earthquakes is normal but we also have “the great crack” on that side…….



    • lavapix says:

      There was never a chance of a Tsunami warning. It was only a 3.7 on the west side.
      The great crack isn’t near the Kona area or the west side. Its located south of Pahala in the Kau district . Its a very remote area. It would take something much greater then a 5.0 to be catastrophic. A 7.5 didn’t do anything to it in the 70’s. The great crack will most likely be some future fissure eruption. The earthquakes have been all over the island this year. Most of it due to settling. Magma movement would be the ones near Kilauea’s summit. If Muana Loa starts getting swarms of earthquakes, that would be something to be concerned about. We get quakes all of the time over here………


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