Moderate earthquakes strikes Taiwan and Solomon Islands

June 6, 2012TAIWAN A powerful earthquake has hit off the coast of south-eastern Taiwan, but no casualties or damage were reported on the island. Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said the quake struck on Wednesday at 9.08 a.m. (0108 GMT) and had a magnitude of 5.9. It put its epicenter about 52 kilometers southeast of the coastal city of Taitung. The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude was 5.7. The quake was not felt in the capital of Taipei, about 400 kilometres north of the epicenter. Meanwhile, a 5.0 earthquake struck just off the coast of San Cristobal in the Solomon Islands. –The Hindu 
Italy’s earthquake deaths rises: The number of people killed in two earthquakes that struck northern Italy in May rose to 25 on Tuesday, as aftershocks continued to spread fear among residents in the area. The latest victim was a woman admitted to hospital after being injured in the second of two deadly tremors to strike the area in just over a week, health authorities in Bologna said. A man, also seriously injured by the second tremor, remains in hospital and his life is in danger, the authorities said. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake on May 20 was followed by a similar-size quake nine days later, destroying businesses and making thousands homeless. The quake was the most deadly to strike Italy since 2009 when a tremor partially destroyed the central city of L’Aquila killing about 300 people. The epicenter of the latest quake lies to the north of the city of Modena in what is one of the most productive regions of Italy. Damages have been estimated at around 5 billion euros but could be higher as tremors continue to shake buildings in the area, preventing any resumption of reconstruction work. –Reuters
Elevated risks of earthquakes for Southern hemisphere and South Pacific Ring of Fire
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5 Responses to Moderate earthquakes strikes Taiwan and Solomon Islands

  1. ChrisMB says:

    Elevated risk? Got any more details on that one Alvin?


  2. Dublintaff says:

    Hi Alvin, I hope you are well. Earthquake in Mayo west Ireland. Mag 4 very rare for us!


  3. Dianne Ford says:

    Coming alive and coming apart as well? Holy cow! Earthquakes in diverse places as the bible has predicted for the end times, do you see Alvin how these men knew thousands and thousands of years ago and predicted what God told them? thanks for sending all of this info out to us in lala land!


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