8 Responses to Estonia: what happens when countries bite the austerity bullet and cut up the credit cards?

  1. Granny Bear says:

    I think it is a more workable situation when there is a smaller population in a smaller area to work with. As in Iceland. Like Estonia, which has living memories of the Soviets.

    I think there may be some advantages, such as “transparency”, In smaller political entities. Even some of the states in the USA are getting too big to work out policies that are fair. For instance, percentage cost-of-living raises for government employees are grossly unfair.


  2. Sam Beckett says:

    Amazing! When people actually only spend what they can afford, no debt & more money…….big problem with our materialistic America & world. We have movies, tv shows, magazines, commercials, billboards, companies telling us we must have this product, etc…& sadly people spend, spend, spend, actually charge it So they can have the new $1500 iPad the is “new & better” than the one 10 months ago…& people wonder why they have no bloody money. If one lives within their means, does not charge anything, save money & so on…then you will have money…very simple


    • Mrsotto says:

      I concur! I quit the newspaper, magazines, the home land line for a pay as I go phone, cutting off the internet today from home and using wifi at lunch and the radio is “free” so bye bye things that try to control ME instead of me using them wisely. Facebook, fad for a year then quit cold turkey, not that hard really. No cable tv, no good reception so I only get the local weather on a good day! Savings all add up! When the grid goes down, all those “needed” electrical items will suddenly turn into very expensive pieces of plastic!! Books last forever, Gods Word lasts forever, that’s all I need! \o/


  3. Bobi says:

    Like I have stated before, we need to start spending cuts at the top, not at the bottom. Start with the white house and right on down the line, Stop the greed of the big CEO’s that tend to think they deserve millions of dollars and bonuses. NO ONE NEEDS that much money to live on and they definitely need to get off the cloud they are living on….


  4. sKeptical citizen says:

    Myself I have avoided debt like the plague. we always tried to save 10% even during the hard times. It has worked remarkably well in the long run. I want my goverment to be fiscally responsible. The USA goverment will have to eventually readjust our position and spending of costly wars and forieghn expenditures that the UN wants. Also we will have to addres our illegal immigrant and entitlement programs at home. Until our leaders start practicing fiscal responsibility we will continue to decline.


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