Black Sea ecologists alarmed by rising number of dolphin deaths

June 5, 2012 BLACK SEA Hardly a day goes by in Sochi, Russia’s picturesque Black Sea resort, without a dead dolphin washing up on the beach. With the tourist season just kicking off, the unexplained deaths have yet to draw much scrutiny. But environmentalists are increasingly alarmed. The dolphin carcasses are also turning into a real holiday spoiler for vacationers drawn to the region’s scenic beaches and pristine vistas. Russian tourist Aida Kobzh was shocked to discover a group of dead dolphins last week at her local beach in Sochi. “Everyone stood there and stared at the dead little dolphins lying belly up. Poor creatures!” Kobzh says. “There were some on the beach but also in the water, they were floating there, dead.” The dolphins started washing up along Russia’s Black Sea coast several weeks ago. They have also been spotted on Ukrainian shores. Environmentalists are now talking about the biggest dolphin die-off to date in the region, with an estimated 300 animals dead so far. Local authorities have made no serious attempt to investigate the deaths, saying the animals are too decayed by the time they reach the shore for laboratory tests to be conducted. Officials have blamed poachers and fishing nets. They say the unusually cold winter has driven dolphins from the Sea of Azov to the warmer Black Sea. Some experts, like local zoologist Konstantin Andramonov, point to a possible killer virus. “The death toll is constantly growing, unfortunately,” Andramonov says. “We are now witnessing the same in Ukraine. There is a hypothesis that we are dealing with an infectious disease that occurs roughly every 20 years.” Most experts, however, believe the real culprit is ever-increasing pollution in the Black Sea region. “If sea creatures that are adapted to life in the sea react this way, what will the consequences be for humans?” Noskovets says. “Every year, numerous people suffer poisoning incidents after bathing in the sea, and these are always blamed on food poisoning. It is a nasty lie from our authorities, who are afraid of telling the truth — that the Black Sea is simply being poisoned.” –Radio Free Europe
contribution by Ronni
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8 Responses to Black Sea ecologists alarmed by rising number of dolphin deaths

  1. Rob says:

    Equal parts disturbing & just plain sad 😐


  2. Taffyduff says:

    What are they poisoning the black sea with ? Nuclear waste! ?


    • Columbine says:

      A tributary of the Dnipro River runs right past Chernobyl and the deeper layers of mud in the Dnipro do have catamination. Also, the Black Sea is interesting in that only the top layer of water supports life. the deeper layers are *naturally* dead and do not support any sea life. This article gives some interesting information on why and what is going on: There have been times when all the fish in the lower section of the Dnipro die for unexplained reasons (most likely due to pollution from very large cities along the banks) and raw sewage runs into the river in many places along it’s length from private homes and dachas (I have seen this with my own eyes). This water all ends up in the Black Sea. However, people swim and play in the river all summer long, fish year ’round and eat their catches. Kids attend “camps” in many places on the Black Sea shore, swim and play in the water all summer long as well. I’ve been in the river once – that was enough for me. I am assured that it is clean and it looks and smells clean. The Black Sea is beautiful. Yalta is beautiful, Odessa is beautiful. If you have a chance, I encourage you to visit – you don’t have to go in the water. 🙂 🙂

      Alvin, I wonder – is it possible that the poisonous lower layers of Black Sea water may be mixing with the good upper layers, possibly due to seismic activity? The sea is bordered by Turkey on the south and if you check the European earthquake page there are earthquakes in Turkey and in the Med basin on a daily, almost hourly, basis.


  3. just a thought says:

    Has any one tested the dead dolphins and fish for radiation poisoning? Just a thought…


  4. Whskey says:

    Little did you know is that Black Sea got colossal ledges of methane gas. In fact it is so much that some say the sea could literally explode at some point. The whole sea isn’t quite friendly for life to begin with. The methane level is rising, making the Dolphins and fishes life harder. Also for the record, for the last 30-40 years more than 30 types of fish species are gone in the Bulgarian part of the sea. Now the fishermen can catch only a few types of fishes (like 5-6). Also, lets not forget the heavy pollution from many countries going constantly in it. I hate to say it, but unfortunately, the sea is like a big European and Asian toilet…


  5. Leigh Ann Black says:

    the prophecies of the Bible say 1/3 of the creatures in the sea will die.. with millions of gallons of oil and nuclear waste and myriads of other poisoning their home death would seem probable


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