Authorities move to spray area in India with insecticides to curtail spider panic

June 5, 2012INDIA Professor Ratul Rajkhowa of the Department of Zoology of Cotton College, holds a dead spider that was the alleged species that killed two people in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam, in the department’s laboratory in Guwahati. Panicked villagers in a remote Indian state complained of an invasion of giant venomous spiders that resemble tarantulas but are unknown to local specialists. Authorities have swung into action by fogging and spraying insecticides in the area, 600 kilometres (370 miles) east of Assam’s main city of Guwahati, and a team of scientists have been dispatched to investigate. –Yahoo News
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29 Responses to Authorities move to spray area in India with insecticides to curtail spider panic

  1. Marc E Grecco says:

    We are living in interesting times, with the internet and technology we can see the World and it’s news almost similtaneously and when you connect all the dots you can see we are in deep trouble, Earthquakes, volcanoes , insects, plagues, animal die offs, solar flares, economic upheavals, war and rumor of wars, and asteroids and what else, it is overwhelming. I wish The End would get here already


    • John says:

      Im not so sure myself…you must remember that never before have we been able to instantly access these events… the same things are happening now that did before .. ( earthquakes volcanoes and the like), only now we know about them..
      before the internet and the major news media, the events still happened.. just no one knew about them.


      • Jerry says:

        Your argument would be more understandable if the internet were a new inventon.
        I have been reading my news from my computer for at least ten years now, and I was a latecomer.


      • Sam says:

        Hi John…..I have heard this explanation before and instant access really means nothing because each respective field of science, government, economics, etc keeps a written record. They ALL show how each of the upheavals we are seeing have and keep increasing at an exponential rate of severity and frequency.


      • Artoro says:

        Although these events have been happening all along, I do believe they are happening now with greater frequency and in places that they haven’t happened before in recent history. Yes we have had tornados, but not as destructive as they are as of late, earthquakes in the center of the US, not very common, insect invasions of an unknown species of a large spider, I don’t think that has ever happened, and sea life die offs, but not like this.

        Volcanoes have always had an eruption or two but not 55 or 56 (whatever the count is now) at a time that I can remember. We can say that there is more news, more media and more places to obtain news but one has to be honest with ones self and say, this is really different from anytime that I can recall in my short years on the planet. In my view, things have truly changed.


      • freedomforme says:

        I’m sure that the same things have happened before. They’re just now happening at a greater degree.


      • Scott says:

        John this is the same argument my wife gives me. You have to remember that not only does all of these things happen in end times prophoceys in the Bible. That it also sates that there will be an abundence of knowledge ie. The Internet and that man will travel to and fro ie. Masstransite.


      • Tod says:

        It’s nice to think like that. everything is peachy, that apple always rotted after a week in your kitchen. the bee’s always skipped my lawn & everyone else’s because our flowers tasted bad, the government isn’t spending all our money on luxury items, because they want to properly represent our country, gimme a break, the USG was created in 1879, they have stated we had more earthquakes in the first few months than we had all last year with a small number like 4 being extreme quakes, we have already topped that number. so when you say things are only apparent to us now because of the media & technology I agree to an extent, but to deny what is obviously in your face is like playing Russian roulette with your families life, that is unless you have none???


    • Dennis E. says:

      It is here, don’t worry…..


    • pat says:

      I think it’s coming sooner than you think, brother.
      You forgot pestilences, oil spills, fukishima, drugs, etc. etc. Just keep looking up


  2. SOS says:

    Dear Humans,

    Please stop poisoning me and my creatures which you are one of on this watery planet. Use you observation skills to understand how an imbalance can be rebalanced. Your blind reactions are killing us.

    Dig deep within your human heart and know that it beats with mine. All life is sacred. You understanding of this is Gods deepest wish.

    Love, Earth


    • Natalie says:

      This is not God’s deepest wish, although he doesn’t want us to trash the planet either. He’s way more concerned about our eternal salvation and that is why he sent Jesus for our benefit.

      …that if you confess with your mouth Jesus  as  Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation. (Romans 10:9, 10 NASB)


    • Granny Bear says:

      Dear Earth,
      I’m trying to be aware of what I do and don’t do to harm or protect you.
      Sometimes I have to do small things differently, and sometimes it is big
      things. Some of these big things a daunting. Nuclear power, petroleum
      usage, coal (mountain top removal) , natural gas, fracking, and so on,
      have become such huge overwhelming, problems. This electricity that I
      am using, right now, I have learned, comes from the burning of coal.
      I am sorry Earth.
      All Are My Relatives
      Love, Granny


  3. more toxins in the air


  4. Peaches says:

    I am extremely interested to see if this is a new species and if the venom is indeed poisonous. The fact that these spiders are extremely aggressive is what gives me “the willies” the most. Always had an extreme reaction to spiders since I was a young child, but as an adult I am trying to overcome it and not freak when I see one. I don’t automatically want to kill them anymore as they are beneficial to the environment and at least the spiders in my state don’t hunt humans…lol. THIS issue in India, well that is a story unfolding….please keep the updates coming Alvin. I visit every day and get a majority of the “real” news from your site. Stay safe everyone.


  5. Mrsotto says:

    God calls us to have patience and to endure. Though many days the news does seem overwhelming, we as believers know that we are to rejoice as these signs means Jesus Christ is closer to returning! The days to come will be much worse as He warns us in His Word, The Bible. Be saved in the Lord today for your salvation and all this will not be so alarming as you know Who is leading The Way! \o/


  6. Chandra says:

    I stay in the place where the spiders have created panic among the local populace. I can certainly tell you that the Spider menace has left us confused and scared. This species is an alien to our place. Our elders too have never seen or heard about these spiders.

    This is a much aggressive species of spider and sometimes descend in swarms. The swarm definitely makes it more frightening.


    • Artoro says:


      It’s good that you are safe. I pray that God will keep you, yours and the masses in your surrounding community safe in body and mind from this menacing unknown species of spider. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue soon. In the meantime, keep safe.


  7. Ron says:

    Spiders from Mars…….run for your lives!!!!!


  8. jenny says:

    knowledge will increase !


    • markLouis says:

      Normally I try to be Mr. Spock about such stuff, and enjoy the learning. However, I’ll be honest and reveal my deepest secret soul about this case: Swarms of aggressive deadly spiders that bite and then clutch where they’ve bitten FREAK ME OUT and make me think of Revelations 9:1-2, where the bottomless pit is opened and weird things come out of it and in Rev. 9:6 it says people will desire death, but death will flee from them. I think to myself, if it can happen “there” it can happen “here” and I might someday see swarms of aggressive spiders and I just will crumble. I’ll be Mr. Spock praying for it all to end.


  9. Sam Beckett says:

    That spider in the picture looks very similar to those giant killer insects in Starship Troopers…..on a small scale of course…perhaps the movie is coming to life


  10. Artoro says:


    Perhaps these spiders have never seen before because they primarily live underground and something has caused them to surface evacuating their normal habitat. Something like excessive water, steam or gas emitted from cracks in the Earth’s crust as a result of seismic activity. One could hypothesize that this is a warning for the humans of things to come, and maybe we should take heed. Please share your thoughts.


  11. Granny Bear says:

    I wonder if a broom and the dreaded FOOT might work much better than poisoning everything? Spiders have to have some poison as they have such fragile bodies. Each species has its own defenses and offenses, and way of life. If you watch them, like any other pest, you can learn how to keep them at a more comfortable distance. Away. Gone. Over there, somewhere else.
    There are lots of spiders and other arachnids (ticks, “red bugs”, which are really a mite, other spiders) and insects, where I live. We also have toads and frogs. And with those guys, come owls and hawks and snakes, and so on. We also have a type of colorful BIG grasshopper that tastes so bad that not even catfish or chickens will eat it. The dreaded FOOT (with shoe, of course) is the only remedy. My Grandmother, many years deceased, told me that they just smashed unwanted “bugs”, especially in the necessary garden (Civil War era) with their fingers. I will knock the “bugs” to the ground with my hand, but I am still too squeamish to squash them with my fingers, or bare feet. I use my foot in a shoe. For house flies and mosquitoes, inside, I swat them, until there are none, or at least zero, inside, that I can find. Sometimes this takes a long time, and is tiring. My husband prefers to use poison spray. To avoid the spray, I persist until the problem pest is eradicated or manageable.

    I wonder who manufactures the “fog” that is being used?


  12. Joseph t. Repas says:

    The Hopi Indian prophecy states that animals that have not been seen for ages will reappear and there will be new species never before seen…very interesting I think.


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