6 people in intensive care after legionaire outbreak in Edinburgh

June 5, 2012EDINBURGH, UKSix people are in hospital and a further four are receiving medical attention after an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Edinburgh. NHS Lothian is investigating four confirmed and four suspected cases of the Legionella bacteria in the Gorgie, Dalry, and Saughton areas of the capital. Six men are being treated in hospitals throughout Lothian. Five of the men are in intensive care units while the sixth is in a high dependency unit. A further four cases, as yet unconfirmed, are also being probed. All ten cases are linked geographically to the Dalry, Gorgie and Saughton areas of Edinburgh. The source of the outbreak is being investigated by officials from Edinburgh Council’s Environmental Health Department and the Health and Safety Executive who are concentrating on the south-west Edinburgh area. Steps are being taken to treat cooling towers in the area as a precaution until the source is located. Dona Milne, acting director of Public Health and Health Policy for NHS Lothian, said: “We have four confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease which all seem to come from the same point source in the South West of Edinburgh. “Anybody who develops symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease should contact NHS 24 immediately or go to their GP. “The safety of the public is our number one priority and we would urge people to look out for the symptoms of this disease.” Duncan McCormick, consultant in public health for NHS Lothian said: “Investigations into the possible source of this outbreak are on-going and we continue to urge anyone who develops symptoms of Legionnaires disease to contact NHS 24 or go to their GP.” Public health officials have tested 16 cooling towers on four sites in the Gorgie, Dalry, Saughton areas, after discovering the cases can all be traced to one geographical area. All ten people – eight men and two women – are believed to live or work in south-west Edinburgh. Local STV.tv
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2 Responses to 6 people in intensive care after legionaire outbreak in Edinburgh

  1. Granny Bear says:

    Oglala Sioux Tribe President John Yellow Bird Steele has confirmed in a news release that a girl 10 years or younger has died on the Pine Ridge Reservation from hantavirus. http://www.nativenewsnetwork.com/one-girl-dead-from-rodent-virus-on-pine-ridge-indian-reservation.html

    Hanta is a virus and has a field or woods mice, or vole, urine vector. Mild winter, wet spring, vegetation growth equal extra mice, which makes them more likely for their urine to come in contact with susceptible people.

    I wonder if the weather conditions in Edinburgh may have something to do with bacteria overgrowth?

    Fungi are doing very well in my area.


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