Severe storms reported over regions of Northern China

June 4, 2012CHINA Heavy rainfall has been sweeping across parts of Northern and Northeast China. The storms caused traffic delays and many flights have been delayed or cancelled. Beijing received a huge sudden downpour at around 3pm Sunday, local time. The clouds were so heavy that the capital almost fell into darkness. Some vehicles became stranded on the roads, and the storm prompted officials to declare a “Blue alarm” – the lowest emergency level. Northeast China also suffered torrential rain, with thunder and hail storms. Some areas saw over 50 millimeters of rainfall within just 2 hours. Parts of the country’s south also suffered severe storms. Weather forecasters say the bad weather could last another 3 or 4 days. It’s prompting fears that flooding could occur along the country’s waterways. –RSOE
contribution Emanni
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7 Responses to Severe storms reported over regions of Northern China

  1. Dave H. says:

    Silly but….shades of “The Day After Tomorrow”


  2. alex says:

    Alvin one question. Is their any facts to statistics that events such as weird temperatures, tornado out breaks, earth quake and volcano activity increasing along with people eating each other. I just feel somethings going to give and its going to be bad look at all the evil. last time their was so much evil humanity almost crumbled due to the plague. what do you think might happen?


    • Well, society is imploding; clearly and obviously. The stresses are increasing like a vice-grip on every aspect of our lives, ecological, economic, crisis in our leaders, mushrooming Eurozone crash, apostasy with religion, growing antibiotic resistant with germs, growing disillusionment over the failed social and economic processes, increasing seismic agitation and more extreme weather events are further compounding the problem. The growing radiation crisis in Japan and the one soon to erupt between Israel and Iran- the human experiment on planet Earth is beginning to crack and when you have 7.5 billion people stressed out, threatened, and a good portion of on drugs, medication or suffering mental health problems- it’s a volatile powder keg awaiting a spark.

      God help us all!


  3. yardley7 says:

    Thanks for all you do to keep us informed. It is stressful work, I imagine. I have no hope apart from God and His redemption.



  4. Sam Beckett says:

    Severe weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions & so on have increased in number & size which we humans have never seen & there is undeniable scientific proof of that. I am very wary of what the transit of Venus will bring tomorrow, have had an unshakable feeling about it for some time. Regardless, I have severe doubts most humans will live to see 2013, natural disasters and maybe war will bring about the end. Prepare while you still can!


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