New study says original Earth did not have tectonic plates, ‘there was a dramatic shift in dynamics on Earth’

June 3, 2012EARTHThe current theory of continental drift provides a good model for understanding terrestrial processes through history. However, while plate tectonics is able to successfully shed light on processes up to 3 billion years ago, the theory isn’t sufficient in explaining the dynamics of Earth and crust formation before that point and through to the earliest formation of planet, some 4.6 billion years ago. This is the conclusion of Tomas Naæraa of the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, a part of the University of Copenhagen. His new doctoral dissertation has just been published by the journal Nature. “Using radiometric dating, one can observe that Earth’s oldest continents were created in geodynamic environments which were markedly different than current environments characterized by plate tectonics. Therefore, plate tectonics as we know it today is not a good model for understanding the processes at play during the earliest episodes of Earth’s history, those beyond 3 billion years ago. There was another crust dynamic and crust formation that occurred under other processes,” explains Tomas Næraa, who has been a PhD student at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland – GEUS. A wide range of phenomena from volcanism, earthquakes and undersea earthquakes (and pursuant tsunamis) to variations in climate and species development on Earth can be explained by the plate tectonics model, globally recognized during the 1960’s. Tomas Næraa can now demonstrate that the half-century old model no longer suffices. “Plate tectonics theory can be applied to about 3 billion years of the Earth’s history. However, the Earth is older, up to 4.567 billion years old. We can now demonstrate that there has been a significant shift in the Earth’s dynamics. Thus, the Earth, under the first third of its history, developed under conditions other than what can be explained using the plate tectonics model,” explains Tomas Næraa. Tomas is currently employed as a project researcher at GEUS. –Science Daily
In my book, The 7th Protocol, I discuss the great cosmic cataclysm that changed the dynamics of the original Earth and how that process led to the fracturing of the lithosphere and the birth of the magmatic geologic dynamism which presently rules planet Earth.
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13 Responses to New study says original Earth did not have tectonic plates, ‘there was a dramatic shift in dynamics on Earth’

  1. Hi, Have been following your site and realize I know nothing about you..I am interested to know how you came about your info for your book and also for your quotes you leave sometimes after people give their feedback.? Am very interested..


  2. No Kidding; “The original earth did not have plates.” The Tectonic plates were caused by the introduction of the moon. This is old news.


  3. John K says:

    As the 3rd word in this post has stated: “Theory”. God said that “In the beginning the earth was without form and void”. These scientists have been changing their minds for centuries and that will never change. I prefer to think that the Bible is right and that this world is approx. 6000 years old. “Trust in the Lord”. John K.


  4. Taras Kordas says:

    The assumption of a static earth size to give current theory has been resolved by Maxlow and Carrie by geological stratum best fit from origin…. check out Earth Expansion… Felt good to be growing with this awareness along with Gaia in this cosmic journey


  5. Beleiver says:

    Sorry, but when you use these supposed scientific theories, we (I) wonder about where you really stand. I am a literal creationist, I this article is just more indocrination of cosmology and humanistic evolution. Sad. I may have to discontinue subscription.


    • Obviously, you’ve read none of my books but if you are hasty enough to make a prejudicial decision based on what you ‘think‘ you know about me…please do.


    • Conor Brennan says:

      supposed scientific theories? my best mate is a geoligist who spent years in college studying rock formation and plate tectonics! He works for a mining company and accurately identifies rock formations hundreds of million years old, for the purposes of exploration. I dont mean to be insulting Alvin, but some of the hardline christian comments across the topics kind of make the main stream people sneer a bit. I have all of my friends reading this website now and i love your work, but these stubborn hard-line christian sorts like beleiver(sic) diminish it. My best mate uses it as a stick to beat me with when i suggest that this is the best website in the world for actual news. On a side note, I am irish but currently work in Perth australia, and the fukishima thing has people spooked, iodine tablets are flying off the shelves, but that sounds a bit like wearing armbands facing the tidal wave to me. If you have any word on the situation there that would be great. Keep up the fantastic work. Great effort.


  6. Joseph t. Repas says:

    Well, and politely said Alvin. Thank you from another believer.


  7. Amy dalton says:

    Just curious how much of this book is dedicated to study of plate tectonics? That’s what I am interested in learning about?


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