Authorities still searching for answers behind May 27 mysterious booms and explosions in Michigan

contribution by Robert M.  
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20 Responses to Authorities still searching for answers behind May 27 mysterious booms and explosions in Michigan

  1. FIREWORKS!!! DID I HEAR RIGHT ?? For Gods Sake what moronic entity wrote the Lead in for that story,, Sack them I say..


  2. Marc E Grecco says:

    I and a few friends heard a few explosions in Rockland County New York at about 11:30- 12:00 pm over a week ago . My house rattled and so did my windows , it was a series of three or four explosions or blasts, hard to tell, it woke me up.


  3. K Hillberg says:

    I can hear them now ~ they did not have an earthquake, this is just usual ground movement every so many years like WIsconsin…wait, Wisconsin DID have an earthquake, ok so uh this is natural for this type of rock/ground in Michigan, perfectly normal. Nothing to fear so run long lil doggies, run along….


    • Typany Percussion says:

      No, that is not normal for Michigan. I am wondering if it was due to “fracking” for oil in MI. The oil gatherers set off explosions under the earth and inject chemicals to get the oil out. So maybe it was an extra large explosive they used due to some hard iron rock they needed to break up. There is a petition going around to stop the fracking program because it can cause an earth quake and can leach chemicals into the aquafer. Michiganders care about their water and land. Our lives depend on both.

      Also I did see something very unusual on Friday at 4:00 p.m. August 23, 2012. I was driving home. The strangest looking flying machine flew over the road I was driivng on in front of me about 100 to 150 feet up. It was grayish black dull strange metal. It was huge. It was at least twice the size of the width of the two lane road and then some. It made no sound. It had no exhaust. It had no visible lights. It had no visible cockpit. It had no visible windows. It had no identification markings. It floated along quickly. It was long. It had an end part that was shaped like half a square. It had no wings but I could see a strange small metal square open cylindar where you would normally see a wing. The metal was bent along the body length in a couple 90degree dips. It was flying so low to the trees and ground. About a minute or two after it flew over in front of me, from Nw going Se and then parallel to 131 by Schoolcraft, I heard a lound whisteling noise above my car and looked up. It was a normal looking small jet flying even lower toward the other flying thing as if it was chasing after it. Very Strange.


  4. tellthetruth1 says:

    I see I’ve been beaten to it. Fireworks? How pathetic. How can fireworks knock a tree down?


  5. Stewart says:

    Very interesting how the 2 trees fell as a result. Hard to say if something clipped the top of them or the ground shook and they fell.


    I’m half way through your book The Extinction Protocol. Love it!! I’ll be ordering the new book tonight. Thank for everything. I have quite a few questions and comments that I’ll be posting later.



  6. Karen says:

    Maybe they are blowing up underground tunnels like they did in Maryland and Virginia last year which everyone thought was an earthquake


  7. m c says:

    I’d really like to drive over there and get a really good look at those trees and the surrounding area.


  8. nickk0 says:

    My personal opinion is that…….. [drum roll] …… “They” DON’T know.

    Yes, folks, it may be true that the ‘experts’ DON’T really KNOW what is going on…..And can’t admit it.

    Mind you, ‘they’ *speculated* that the cause *could* be fireworks – which doesn’t really sound credible.


  9. krystal says:

    This may be far-fetched idea, but we know from chemistry 101 that magnesium will ignite, just a small amount can ignite. Imagine a huge chunk of magnesium pocket underground as part of granite, can that make it go “boom” if ignite by underground heat and pressure? Just wondering if it is possible that heat is rising and causing magnesium to react to intense heat.


    • Chris from Melbourne says:

      I have no idea whether this could actually be the case or not….. But I will say this; had that been the ‘experts’ answer I probably would’ve bought it. Even if they have no real idea, an explanation like this at least sounds plausible to the untrained masses. Firecrackers?!?! Geez they think we’re dumb, & for the most part (people who don’t follow sites such as this), they are probably right…. can’t wait to hear someone at work say to me ‘oh, & they found out that those noises you were talking about in the US were firecrackers you wacky bible bashing conspiracy nut!!’

      Anyway, I’m not worried, they’ll come around soon enough……. That much I am sure of!! In fact here in Australia many more are waking up every day, especially in rural areas & amongst minority groups, maybe because they are more on the fringe of mainstream society to begin with, but it’s definately happening!!!


  10. A says:

    As someone from SW Michigan, I can tell you we’ve been in the throes of some serious concerns about fracking. Apparently someone bought up several counties’ rights, and have plans to do some fracking in the area. There are signs in people’s yards protesting, but really we can’t stop them from doing it. Supposedly fracking was the cause of the booms/minor quake in Ohio some months back… which is why we have concerns, now. If they’ve just had a trial run, that could be the cause. Let’s hope they take the warning, if that’s the case.


  11. Anne says:

    Those trees were sheared off – like what we see from a tornado.


  12. Mike bowen says:

    My sense is it may be along the lines of the groaning sounds that have been heard, and I think is the plates slipping.


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