Scientists warns Pakistan of dangers from threat of 7.5 magnitude earthquake that could destroy the city

June 2, 2012PAKISTANRenowned Scientist and Assistant Professor at Geology Department of University of Balochistan, Deen Muhammad Kakar has said that Global Positioning System machine reports have suggested that an earthquake of 7.5 Magnitude intensity and powerful like that of 1935 might hit Quetta city and adjoining areas. He was talking to media persons here on Thursday. He said that GPS machines installed in areas including Quetta, Chaman, Saranan, Surkhab, Pishin, Ziarat, Shahrag, Harnai, Loralai, Qila Saifullah, Muslim Bagh, Lakpass, Kalat and Sorab have indicated that mountainous areas including Koh Sulman, Koh Kirthar, Quetta and northern areas are in eight-millimeter annual movement to South and due to this movement a great stress is being accumulated under soil. “Due to this great stress, chances of a 7.5 Magnitude earthquake at Richter Scale to hit Quetta have been emerged,” the Scientist warned. He further said that Geology Department of University of Balochistan, Civil Engineering Department of NED University Karachi and Center of Excellence of Peshawar University were busy in compiling research reports with the help of GPS machines and other scientific equipments on emerging of possible and powerful earthquakes in future. He said that presently population of Quetta has exceeded from 2.5 million while a large number of high-rise buildings and multistory shopping centers have been erected in the city adding these buildings were built while fully violating 1935 Building Code Laws. He said that present official and non-official buildings would collapsed and caved in if an earthquake of 6.5 Magnitude hit Quetta adding that then how these building would face 7.5 Magnitude earthquake in future. He regretted that sub-standard material was used in construction of buildings in new populations around the old Quetta city, which would collapse in a powerful tremor. He said that another important aspect is that in case of a high Magnitude earthquake, natural gas supply pipelines would burst causing eruption of a huge fire, which would engulf the city. He further said that powerful earthquake would cause razing of high-rise buildings and due to which the roads and streets of the city would be closed while people would be buried under their debris. He advised people to keep items at their homes to deal with the situation caused by earthquake including dry food like pulses, grams, dry milk and water, torch, battery radio, first aid kit, fire extinguishing equipment and diary containing emergency phone numbers. He also advised citizens living in multistory buildings not to try run outside of their flats immediately when earthquake jolts their building as saying the building might collapse within seconds and people trying to run out might get buried under its debris. –The News
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18 Responses to Scientists warns Pakistan of dangers from threat of 7.5 magnitude earthquake that could destroy the city

  1. Rob says:

    We need to focus on sending Love & Healing Energy to the people of that region & for our Amazing Home, Mother Earth, to release her Energy in many smaller increments instead of all at one time. Honor her daily, say Thank You for all she gives us & all she does for us & say I’m Sorry for the appaling abuse she endures, minute by minute. We are all Brothers & Sisters, Energetically interconnected, with each other AND with Mother Earth. With the right Energy & Intentions, from many Loving & like minded people(from a place in our Heart made of the Vibrational Energy of Pure, Unconditional Love) we CAN & WILL make a difference! Make it a Great Day! Love, Light & Blessings be upon you All! 🙂


    • Lynne says:

      Yeah Rob so lovely to read your comment on here. We are all connected. I send energy to Gaia every day to do what she must do. Although this may be misconstrued – I would rather see the whole earth changed by Gaia and this civilisation slip into the past than see the evil dominion by those in control continue. I see the Gaia changes as being on the side of the people – every single one of us no matter what happens.


    • DrMikePT says:

      Love and Light to you Rob. It warms me to see so many of us waking up breaking away And out of the old 3D thinking.


    • Mother earth is a created thing, not a God( Holy Trinity) and has been left to the responsibility of mankind to care for and use to honor God. Greed and selfishness has lead us to this point. Don’t get confused between created and creator. God is much bigger and much more vast and powerful than the earth. Prayer does move the hand of God. He has many graces to give us, but many just do not ask. But we need to ask in His name and we shall receive.In Christ have a great day!


  2. luisport says:

    A tornado was reported in far eastern Hungary, near the town of Nyiracsad, on Friday.

    Reports indicate the tornado occurred at about 3:00 p.m., which correlates with data obtained by that reported a thunderstorm passed through the city of Debrecen within three hours of that time. Debrecen is located less than 50 miles to the west-southwest of Nyiracsad.

    Reports from the area indicate that some 30 homes were damaged by the tornado as it moved through the region. There are no known reports of deaths or injuries from this tornado at this time.

    The unsettled weather was caused by a cold front which was rapidly moving across the region. This front caused widespread showers and thunderstorms from Hungary, Slovakia and eastern Poland into Belarus, Ukraine and Romania. Some areas received more than an inch of rainfall along with gusty winds.

    Dry weather behind the front will aid in cleanup efforts through Sunday morning; however, a fast-moving storm system will then bring the threat for showers from later Sunday through Monday followed by a chance for a soaking rainfall Monday night and Tuesday. Severe Studios‏@severestudios

    RT @Jantje_: @severestudios Tornado in Hungary damaged 30 homes. Lots of pictures,1575.msg14583.html#msg14583


  3. Carla Burgers says:

    Wow, I’ve never ever read such a clear and descrptive warniing from a scientist as this one. Alvin have you heard of this Global Positioning System machine before ? It sounds like they ( geologists) can measure plates and movements more accurately. Keep safe.


  4. Rob – What a brilliant comment, you phrased it much better than I could. I am with you 100%. If we all follow your suggestions, what a miraculous difference we will make. Mother Earth’s changes reflect our anger, hatred and violence. If we look into our hearts and change our anger, hatred and violence to love, light, peace and healing we WILL make a great difference to what’s happening on Mother Earth.
    What’s stopping us …? Let’s do it!!
    Let’s all send love, light, peace and healing to Mother Earth and treat each other with the love and respect we would wish to receive. After all, we are all interconnected parts of the One Infinite Creator.
    Messenger Spirit


  5. DrMikePT says:

    Alvin, I’ve been following your site since last year and I’ve never had the chance to thank you for your relentless reporting/work. Your site has kept me abreast to earth changes and you have definitely helped to increase my awareness. Thank You for all you do and continue the great work! Much Love and Light to you!


  6. Dan Sherwood says:

    Sorry, I don’t want to offend anyone but I have to say this. It is good to respect the planet and it is our responsibility to care for our earthly home. But do not forget that our home was given to us by a jealous God. Our Father in Heaven does not want us to worship the earth as if it were a god. If you were trying to bring calamity upon the earth there would be no quicker way than to pray to something other than the one true God.


    • Jerry says:

      Dan, In total agreement.


    • Larry Fairall says:

      Thumbs up Dan….

      May Christ be with you.


    • Thank you, this is very true!!
      In Christ,Caroline


    • Kat Fischer says:

      Thank You Dan,
      You took the words right out of my mouth. We also can think good feelings all we want about the earth but sending it energy? God, the devine creator of all is the only being that should be capable of this. Unfortunatley, what we are seeing today is just the beginning of what is to come. Prophesy must be fulfilled and we are definately seeing this unfold. I also dont want to offend anyone as everyone has their own beliefs. I pray God will open our hearts and give us wisdom.
      God Bless,


      • davidgreybeard says:

        Very well said, Kat. Prophecy must be fulfilled and freedom of choice regarding beliefs must be maintained regardless of what the modern would-be Inquisitors may think. May God bless us all with understanding and wisdom in these difficult days.


  7. Mary Caz says:

    Thank you and amen, Dan!
    And thank you, Alvin. I appreciate you and this site and the fact that you acknowledge our Creator and do not worship the creation!
    God bless you.


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