5 Responses to Global markets go into meltdown: unemployment surges to record highs across Eurozone

  1. Moco says:

    No job No cash
    No cash No food
    No food no good

    Most who have don’t give a crap and live in denialism. Just wait til its their turn.
    The look on their faces will be priceless and long overdue. Humans have lost sight of the highest source and earthly purpose. The luxury is fading fast.


  2. MountainHome says:

    World governments have prolonged the ultimate downfall of the markets since 2008 and now it’s all caught up to us and just before the elections. Too bad we don’t really have a choice of good candidates for the November elections. Great article! Thanks.


  3. L. Molina says:

    Let’s consider that 92 of 100 peple are employed.
    Usually 5% or 5 in 100 are simply in transit.
    Let us also consider that probably more than 8 in 100 are worthy of employment.


  4. Dennis E. says:

    Now is the time to pay down all outstanding credit that can be paid.
    Now is the time to have some cash on hand in the house, especially a couple months rent/mortage.
    The EP site has been posting articles like this for over two years as a warning.
    Also, as a warning, The EP site has posted articles regarding social/ecomonic breakdowns of which social will be the worst. As been reported, cases of human consumption are starting to show up which could indicate a social civility breakdown closer than expected.
    I would advise that now is a good time to repair family ties because family is going to need each other real soon.


  5. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    As a world we’ve hit overload, Too many people, too much waste/pollution, too much need, too much greed, too much of too much. The table has been set for NWO, one leader scenario. Mankind has become so soft, we won’t be able to be self sufficent. Everybodies willing to give up freedom to be safe, why not their souls. I only hope and pray that we’re strong enough in our Faith to not succumb to the will/mark of the comming BEASTS. Has anybody really given thought to that fact, the fact that your CHILDREN may have to be “sacrificed” to standup to what’s comming. Every night i’m going to pray for strength and mercy, God’s will to be done. I truly believe it’s the only thing we can “prepare for” that’s worth our time. God Bless us All.


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