7 Responses to Eurozone epidemic meltdown: Spain in emergency crisis, Danish banks downgraded

  1. Tom says:

    Every western world country will have a big economic crisis sooner or later. Its built in to the system. And if more countrys abandon the mighty dollar usa will face a big blow.
    In fact its pretty strange that US doesnt make more efforts to reduce the spending. Take a look at the numbers and usa is pretty much like greece. But the dollar is the safety net.


  2. Emanni says:

    Japan and China to start direct currency trading on Friday

    Japan and China will start direct currency trading this week, Tokyo said Tuesday, the first time Beijing has let a major unit other than the dollar swap with the yuan.

    The move, which will scrap the greenback as an intermediary unit, comes as China introduces measures as part of a long-term goal of internationalizing its currency to rival the dollar.


  3. Tina Marie says:

    I can honestly say finance is by no means my forte but I just have one question. If all these large European countries, The United States, and even China are so deep in debt, who has all the money?


    • sKeptical citizen says:

      The actual cash Us dollars dont exist. The Mint has been printing paper money 24X7 for decades. paper money wears out and large amounts are burned daily. Iys mostly 1 dollar bills that are made. The mint dont print anything larger than a $100 bill. As long as thay dont start printing larger denomations it will have some value. Germany printed 110,000 frank bills that is why it took a wheelbarrow load to buy a loaf of bread. Im saving all my coins the change could someday be worth more than the paper?


  4. tess says:

    Hi Tina Marie..

    No one does.. that’s the point.. banks and governments have been “issuing ” money, but its not real money.. its just numbers in a computer. There is a lady in australia,, she has enough money to bail out grecce, and buy fifty million shares in facebook..


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