Swarm of 30 tremors shake Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano

May 30, 2012HAWAIIA swarm of 30 earthquakes rattled Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano over a 48 period from Monday to Tuesday. The strongest of the tremors was a 3.3 magnitude earthquake which erupted on May 29, at a depth of 10 km. Most of the tremors have been very shallow, with most registering at depths of less than 8 km. Geologists have been warning for the last year that Hawaii’s seemingly placid volcano is capable of very violent large-scale outbursts so close monitoring of volcanic activity is crucial. –The Extinction Protocol  HVO
contribution by Carpenter77 
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10 Responses to Swarm of 30 tremors shake Hawaii’s Mount Kilauea volcano

  1. Rob says:

    Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye on that one. Some people forget that this process is how the islands were created in the first place & that it’s an ongoing process 😉


  2. Richard Queener says:

    If most of these volvanos start erupting soon, won’t that nullify the Glomal Warming theory, we might be in for a massive cool down. The volvanic ash will knock out the suns rays. So don’t throw away your overcoat.


  3. FRANK says:



    • H

      The Hawaiian volcanic Island chain may be some of the most dangerous on the planet. I’ve said before these island won’t survive the full extent of Earth changes. Many don’t realize they are basically living on the top of a volcano. I’m not trying to scare anyone but when the situation gets critical and there is ceaseless major eruptions and major quakes- it will then be time to leave the islands. We know not the dangers of the enchanted ground upon which so many of us have fallen asleep.

      “Rising gradually to more than 4 km above sea level, Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on our planet. Its long submarine flanks descend to the sea floor an additional 5 km, and the sea floor in turn is depressed by Mauna Loa’s great mass another 8 km. This makes the volcano’s summit about 17 km (56,000 ft) above its base! The enormous volcano covers half of the Island of Hawai`i and by itself amounts to about 85 percent of all the other Hawaiian Islands combined.” –USGS

      See: U.S. geologist warns Hawaiian volcano has unknown violent past and could go violent with little or no warning: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=%2Fc%2Fa%2F2011%2F12%2F06%2FMNAD1M9156.DTL+


    • nickk0 says:

      Very interesting link, Shaun.

      Perhaps the lesson here, is that the Moon’s tidal affects doesn’t necessarily “cause” quakes….. but will affect their timing.
      IF there were no Tectonic stresses, then the moon’s tidal effects, would not ‘create’ quakes.

      This might be a blessing – because if there were no tidal effects from the moon, perhaps tectonic stresses would build up on the Earth, to the point of being Extremely and catastrophically destructive, when they finally did ‘move’.


  4. Shelley says:

    yup… it’s been swarming alright. i have my app to see all magnitudes just to see a possible pattern and i’ve noticed that all the places with little swarms build up to larger ones. hopefully it’s just releasing pressure. thank you Alvin for staying on top of this, i was going to inform you but you beat me to it 🙂

    have a great week!


  5. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, and some people seem to forget the earth and all its creatures were once destroyed by a worldwide flood, thats why all the dinosaurs are extinct and there are so many layers in the earth. And some people forget that egypt was destroyed by ten plagues, and sodom and gommorah were destroyed by fire and brimstone. Yeah, somepeople seem to forget that God is real, and things happen for a reason, and with complete control of the mighty hand of God. the very air you breathe , your very heart beat, the perfect ecosystem weve all enjoyed for so long is about to become uninhabitable. Fish, birds, whales, turtles are dying like flies. Its a very serious situation not to be disregarded as the natural way of things. Im not saying the earth wasnt created this way, but all of the rest of this unexplained phenomina like the sounds coming from the ground, the extreme weather, the mass die offs, the nuclear threats from psychos, the complete raping of the american economy , and bill of rights is all happening at once, because you cant explain it, doesnt mean theres not a spiritual reason for all of it. Its all laid out in the book of revelation, daniel, jeremiah, isaiah. On the verge, on the edge, look to God not to your own limited understanding of things. We are a speck of sand in our knowledge compared to His.


  6. Carla Burgers says:

    Here’s a link with extensive information of this shield vocano: http://www.georesources.co.uk/kilauea.htm Keep safe all and keep on prepping.


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