New RFID system in South Korea monitors what you throw away and recycle

May 30. 2012 SOUTH KOREAThe wastage of food has been drastically reduced through the use of RFID technology in Korea. SK Telecom, with headquarters in South Korea has introduced an RFID disposable management system, which will encourage citizens to reduce the daily amount of food waste and also encourage them to recycle. The way the bin works is someone must tap the bin leading it to open up as a result of a reader attached to it. The reader reads the RFID-enabled card and the lid opens up. The waste can be thrown in after which the bin weighs the food waste letting the individual know the subsequent fee. The credit card, which is linked processes the payment amount automatically and it appears on the individuals bill. Fifty million Koreans create an estimated 170,000 tons of food waste daily. That is an approximate 350 grams per person per day, according to the Korean government. The current cost for food waste in Korea per year is over $600 million and it is continuing to rise. –RFID world
contribution M. Wolf
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3 Responses to New RFID system in South Korea monitors what you throw away and recycle

    • Emanni says:

      We need to ensure they’re well medicated.


      • nickk0 says:

        Not just that….. But they may want to know WHEN and HOW much we are injesting of anything.

        We are quite possibly, the Last Generation on Earth, to have experienced Freedom as we knew it….. Or have a ‘concept’ of it, before it gets obliterated or deleted entirely, in the name of Corporate Statism.


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