Iceland’s Katla volcano shaken by swarm of 14 tremors

May 30. 2012ICELAND A swarm of 14 small to very small mostly very shallow quakes occurred at Katla volcano yesterday and today. Epicenter depths were reported between 0.1 and 12.2 km. Judging from the depth and magnitude of the quakes, the most likely cause for the seismic swarm are adjustments of the hydrothermal system under the icecap, and probably not magmatic intrusions (which would be possible indicators of a future new eruption). –Volcano Discovery
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3 Responses to Iceland’s Katla volcano shaken by swarm of 14 tremors

  1. Sue says:

    “…and probably not magmatic intrusions.”
    But, they don’t know for sure, do they? Wow, do we live in the most exciting of times, or what?
    God bless us one and all to be found worthy in some small way to escape what is quickly coming upon the earth. It’s time for true change and that will only come when Jesus comes, until then we will endure by His grace and mercy.


  2. suz says:

    The ring of fire is roaring!


  3. bazza1959 says:

    Katla volcano (Iceland): earthquake swarm under icecap

    A new swarm of earthquakes has started Tuesday (5 June) evening at Katla volcano. Until now, 34 quakes up to magnitude 2 have been recorded beneath the volcano, at mostly shallow depths around 3-7 km. The quakes are clustered in the SE part of the caldera, and could indicate that a magmatic intrusion is taking place in this area. Whether this is a precursor to a possible eruption of the volcano remains speculation.


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