Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Soputan volcano after increased activity

May 30. 2012INDONESIAThe Vulcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) has raised the alert status of Mt. Soputan in Minahasa and Southeast Minahasa regencies in North Sulawesi to level 3 — meaning “standby” — from the previous level 2 (alert), following increasing levels of volcanic activity.  “Based on our observations, as of 3 p.m. on Monday, Mt. Soputan’s alert status was raised to level 3,” center head Surono said on Monday evening. According to Surono, increasing activity had been detected since May 25, when the volcano spew out white smoke to heights of between 50 meters and 75 meters above the mountain’s peak. The center has recorded dozens of different types of activity since then. The center’s highest alert status for volcanoes is level 4 (on guard). Surono has called on local residents to stay beyond a radius of six kilometers from the volcano’s summit. The center has also warned residents of the threat of a cold lava flood, urging people living near Ranowangko, Pentu, Lawian and Popang rivers to remain alert and aware. The volcano’s last eruption occurred on July 3, 2011. It erupted 10 hours after its status was raised to alert, forcing local officials to close Sam Ratulangi Airport for a day. –Asia One
The volcano last erupted in 2011
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8 Responses to Alert level raised on Indonesia’s Soputan volcano after increased activity

  1. Dingo says:

    hi Alvin, been a reader watcher lurker here since i found your site over a year ago (got caught-up with the comet Elenin fiasco), whats the go with the volcanology of this planet, i realise Earth goes through it’s cycles, but with all these volcanos being active at the present is this normal
    Btw, hop on to the site at least every 2nd day to find out whats really going on, thnx for the good work and you have a good day


    • It is cyclical but it is above average. During periods of a magnetic reversal, volcanism increases dramatically.

      Glad you found us and thanks for being a loyal reader.

      peace and blessings,


      • lisa says:

        Alvin, can you explain what you mean by magnetic reversal?


      • IG

        Lisa, a magnetic reversal means the planet’s magnetic poles reverse polarity and south becomes north and north becomes south. If you had a compass pointing north, the needle would suddenly move and point south indicating this is the new magnetic north pole. This is a process that has occurred numerous times in the planet’s past but it has never happened in recorded history so the full effects of a planetary polarity reversal are not fully known. The planet behaves like a giant magnet and eletromagnetism in the outer core creates a magnetic field projection through the planet’s north and south pole. I explore what causes this in my new book The 7th Protocol and how catastrophic processes can completely shut off some planets’ magnetic fields. Leading up to a magnetic reversal, both volcanism and seismic activity shows markable and notable increases in intensity.


  2. K.T. says:

    How many volcanos have become active/have erupted this year?


  3. Kat Fischer says:

    I also have been an avid reader of your site after the Japan Quake and Tsunami and I thank you for getting this info out. I check for updates twice a day. I just wish more people would get their head out of the sand and really see all thats going on in our world today and see how the Bible relates. I read that average yearly volcanic eruptions are 50-60. We are not even to June Yet and are at 55! With many others at high alert levels! Its funny how the scientists expain the dramatic increase to our increased population. Same explanation for the increased earthquakes.

    Thanks Again
    & God Bless


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