Strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake kills 15 in northern Italy

May 29, 2012 ITALY An earthquake struck northern Italy on Tuesday, killing at least 15 people, damaging buildings and spreading panic among thousands of residents still living in tents after a tremor shook the region just over a week ago, destroying their homes. Officials and a source from the Italian Red Cross said several people were trapped under the rubble of houses and warehouses in the Emilia-Romagna region. Police said 10 people were confirmed dead but the toll was likely to rise. The 5.8-magnitude quake struck near Modena and was felt across much of northern and central Italy. “The situation is very serious, some people are stuck under the rubble,” Alberto Silvestri, the mayor of San Felice sul Panaro, one of the towns near the epicenter, told SkyTG24. Prime Minister Mario Monti said: “I want to assure everyone that the state will do all that it must do, all that is possible to do, as fast as it can to guarantee the return to normality in a region so special, so important, so productive for Italy.” Seven people were killed in the previous quake on May 20 that had its epicenter not far from Modena. That quake, which registered magnitude 6, destroyed hundreds of buildings, including ancient churches and castles, and forced more than 7,000 people to sleep outdoors in tents. It also hit production of some of the area’s most internationally famous produce, including Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Farmers estimated the damage to agriculture in one of Italy’s most fertile zones at more than 200 million euros. On Tuesday, officials said operations to rescue people from the rubble had been hampered by disruption to the mobile phone network. “The town has been largely damaged. There are people under the rubble, we don’t know how many,” a police officer from Cavezzo told Reuters. Train services around Bologna, near Modena, were disrupted, media said, and schools and other public buildings had been evacuated as far south as Florence. “We felt a very strong tremor,” said Raffaella Besola, a resident of Bologna. The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicenter of Tuesday’s quake was less than 30 km (19 miles) from Modena, not far from where the quake hit just over a week ago. –Toronto Sun
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32 Responses to Strong 5.8 magnitude earthquake kills 15 in northern Italy

  1. Preppin Pawpaw says:

    lol… I knew you were on this…. I had just left a comment on another post about this… you can ignore it 🙂 Seems Italy as well as the rest of the world is shaking alot lately….. I feel helpless as I read about all this destruction and mayhem going on…. I will keep all of us in my prayers.


    • Seismic turbulence over the last two weeks globally has been alarming. Thanks for the prayers. We will all do the same.



    • BJ says:

      Thanks Preppin PawPaw for you prayers, will do the same.


    • 5.1 2012/05/29 11:00:26 44.916 10.934 10.0 NORTHERN ITALY —–+ not an aftershock
      5.6 2012/05/29 10:55:58 44.859 10.991 9.9 NORTHERN ITALY —–+ not an aftershock
      4.7 2012/05/29 08:40:58 44.853 10.990 10.1 NORTHERN ITALY (aftershock signature)
      4.7 2012/05/29 08:25:52 44.814 10.948 10.0 NORTHERN ITALY —- aftershock
      2.8 2012/05/29 07:32:47 19.304 -155.207 8.9 ISLAND OF HAWAII, HAWAII
      4.5 2012/05/29 07:23:32 42.652 23.035 7.9 BULGARIA
      5.8 2012/05/29 07:00:04 44.814 11.079 9.6 NORTHERN ITALY – EARTHQUAKE

      Something anomalistic may be going on under the ground in northern Italy —- this is a very unusual earthquake pattern.


  2. Melissa says:

    May God strengthen His people… may His people show forth His love and show others the way to salvation. Time is short upon this earth and we will stand before the Creator and even though those who know Him and are known of Him will be saved and inherit eternal life with Him in heaven… we will still give answer for not warning those to whom He has sent us… Be strong my brothers and sisters… but more than that… be brave enough to tell those around you about Jesus.

    I believe this to be one of the most fitting scriptures for this moment in time…
    Ezekiel 3:18-19 When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Yet if thou warn the wicked, and he turn not from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy soul.


    • Ann G. says:

      Melissa-your scripture from Ezekiel has been weighing on me. Just today I was on Facebook looking at pictures my cousin had posted from the day she got engaged. They included not only beautiful pictures of the engaged couple, carriage ride, and the ring, but also a hotel bed covered with rose petals. My cousin was not raised with a strong faith and I don’t even think her parents would think there was anything scandalous about it but I feel that maybe I am obligated to say something, in charity, to her. We’re not close but keep in touch through FB. I am going to have to pray on this. I don’t want to endanger her soul or mine by keeping silent out of fear of upsetting her.


      • Marta says:

        I use FB as a witnessing tool. Instead of telling all my nieces what they are doing wrong I just post scripture; let the living Word work in their spirits. Time is short be empowered (grace) and spread the Good News.
        Bless you,
        Your sister in Christ,


  3. The Watcher says:

    A 6.4-magnitude earthquake at 2:07 a.m. local time (0507 GMT) was centered about 22 kilometers (13.7 miles) southeast of Suncho Corral, a small village about 100 kilometers (62 miles) southeast of Santiago del Estero. It struck about 662 kilometers (411 miles) deep, making it a deep earthquake, according to the country’s National Institute of Seismic Prevention (INPRES).


  4. Sarah A. Blankenship says:

    I believe Nostradamus said a comet will hit Europe and cause mass destruction. Could Nostradamus have seen the earthquakes and not realized the destruction would come from earth and not the skies?


    • Nostradamus was clear in his predictions..It was written that there would be earthquakes, a great flood that would leave no firm ground for a foothold, and he said fire from the sky would strike at 45 degrees..It is written in the bible as well in revelations that destruction will come from the skys, and its name would be wormwood..Depending on your beliefs in prophecy, the avents that are taking shape these days, with large amounts of fish dieing, larger quakes and threats of war are signs of the latter days..Nostradamus wrote that from greater persia (Iran) a war would start and never would there be greater terror..


      • Therese D says:

        Oddly enough there was a You Tube Video (Nostradamus) indicating the Solar Eclipse to have significance but I had to ask myself it wasn’t as big as the Quatrain being noted may have suggested. I don’t mean to minimize but my mind made more of it I guess. But Italy occurred in the time frame. There are several benchmarks I have Venus in June 2012 last occurred during the Indo quake year 2004. I also will be watching the 188 day cycle event in September.


      • ONTHEMARK55 says:

        What is CLEAR about Nosties QuatraIns? By definition alone, writing in Quatrains (4 line poem/ryhmes)would defeat clarity, lend itself to interpetation, wouldn’t it?


      • Dan Sherwood says:

        I thought that Nostradamus was using the crossing of Venus as a time reference, not as a source of destruction. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. And that time reference could be just a vague reference to the year not just a particular date. I say this, because he goes into greater detail about the events related to the end of the year alignment.


  5. Kaos says:

    Alvin, I have been watching USGS over the last week and I too have seen unusual activity not just in Italy, a spasm of planetary tremors if you like.
    Do you think this has anything to do with the crossing of Venus? Acting sort of like an amplifier for cosmic or solar energy???



    • I think there has been an esclation in general and it just shows that the planet’s condition is worsening. Venus passes in front of the Sun, whose gravational field exceeds it, so there is no amplification of gravitational pull because of the Venusian transit.

      If a child had a small bull horn, and you, as an adult stood behind the child with a bull horn 5 times the size, and you both yelled at the same time – you wouldn’t hear the child because the acoustic phenomena coming from the adult is just a larger medium.


  6. Carla says:

    It is just amazing the amount of earthquakes that have happened. Things are beginning to happen just like it was told.


  7. Andrée says:

    Hello Alvin,
    Since the quake in Italy this morning, the ring of fire seems “unusually quiet”…Is it me or it’s look abnormal???


  8. Larry T says:

    It looks like a slow slip event may be forming on Kilauea’s south flank with a multitude of shallow quakes today.


  9. Jack Thompson says:

    How does this guy predict these quakes ?? i mean seriously, he said 45-48 degrees North, he said shallow earthquake and 6 magnitude all from watching the sun, its quite extraordinary when you consider the Italy earthquake was 5.8 Magnitude and 10 km deep and the epicenter is 45 degrees North


    • suz says:

      I was always thankful for not having to have gone through a world war. My grandparents did and told their stories. I always felt I was born on a sunny day and had great appreciation for my life. I felt my family and I were spared the horrors of war. Well, it seems very few of us get through this life unscathed. Be it illness, war, natural disasters….life is full of surprises. The worst may be coming for some or for all but
      beware of fear. It can blur your judgement and it can lead to all kinds of evil.


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