Fourth earthquake rumbles through East Texas

May 27, 2012TEXAS – The fourth earthquake in 16 days hit East Texas early Saturday. No injuries or significant damage were reported from the preliminary magnitude 2.5 temblor that hit about 1:30 a.m., said Larry Burns, emergency management coordinator in Timpson. The quake was centered about seven miles southeast of town, near FM 1645 and Texas 87, according to information from the U.S. Geological Survey. “One of the guys I work with, he told me it shook but it wasn’t like any of the others we’ve had,” said Burns, who was not in town when the latest quake occurred. “We’re up to four of them so far.” There perhaps have been more than that, according to accounts collected by the Timpson and Teneha News, Mayor Debra Smith said Saturday. “I think they’ve determined we are up to seven in the last 12 months,” the mayor said, dating the first reports to July. “But some of them were smaller than the (Geological Survey) keeps up.” Smith reported the most recent shakeup was less dramatic than a May 17 quake that recently was upgraded to magnitude 4.8, woke residents and was blamed for one injury in the northern Shelby County town of 1,166. “I think some people felt it,” she said, adding she slept through the latest quake. “We don’t know if it was an aftershock or how they classify those.” The first quake, on May 10, measured magnitude 3.7. The May 17 earthquake was followed three days later by a 2.7 tremor that struck at 1:28 p.m. one week ago today about a mile south of Timpson. The May 17 quake, which was felt in Longview and Shreveport, was centered three miles east of town, while the May 10 shakeup emanated from a site four miles to Timpson’s northeast. Since the quakes began, Smith said, teams from the U.S. Geological Survey and Stephen F. Austin State University have placed seismic monitors in two or three locations to continuously record underground activity. Several residents expressed suspicions that mineral extraction could be a factor in the unusual seismic activity. “It’s kind of unnerving,” Smith said. “Everybody I talked to said it’s too early to determine if there is any connection to the oil and gas industry and anything significant causing it.” –News Journal
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9 Responses to Fourth earthquake rumbles through East Texas

  1. Kim says:

    What do you think about all this and the possibility of connection to the Madrid Fault Line? Regarding mineral extraction, I am just shocked at how the US gov’t is turning such a blind eye to all this. It really is getting quite scary. I never thought in all my life I would see such open, blatant, destructive/deceitful behavior coming from the US. It is so prevalent now without any shame or care with exploiting and money grabbing. It is sickening. Thank you for your information, it compels me more to seek the Lords face. Thanks.


    • Tx G
      Red region of East Texas shows location of massive Black Giant oil reserve

      I don’t think this is connected to New Madrid. There may be something even more compelling going on with the geology. Do you remember the 1956 movie Giant, with Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor? The movie was about the Black Giant oil reservoir in East Texas. Up until the Saudi discovery, it was the largest single oil deposit in the world. A lot to the oil from the East Texas giant was shipped to Allies in Europe during World War II, without which, the Europeans could not have successfully completed the massive push into the Axis territories and defeated the Germans. The reservoir once contained an astounding 7 billion barrels of oil. In the last two decades or so, came a wave of natural gas drilling projects after the oil dwindled. What happens when you extract such large hydrocarbon reservoirs from the ground for nearly three-quarters of a century?

      We may be about to find out.


  2. Carla says:

    I feel the same as you. It is just sickening what is happening..


  3. Nibikwe says:

    Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing technology brought to you by, TaDa, Halliburton. Go figure. It won’t surprise me when I research this to find fracking wells and injection wells where these particular earthquakes are centered! Evil doesn’t know any bounds in this unaccountable industry. Immune from the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, hundreds of secret-proprietary ‘chemicals’ injected into and contaminating precious aquifers, and absent of any human decency or morality. They are destroying the lives of humans, myraid wildlife, forests, the precious soil that grows our food, the air we breathe and the water that sustains us. As if Fukushima and incessant war weren’t bad enough! This industry and the fascist government that has given it the green light to poison everything and everyone in it’s greedy path must be held to account. WWJD?
    Whew! Just had to get that off my chest…thanks for listening.


  4. Therese D says:

    If you will note that the Baja and Mexico activity seemed to do 2 things 1 travel through California and along the Coast. I noted that it seemed to be traveling across at one point through Chihuahua to Texas then I noted that it hit New Mexico and Colorado Border. This was also some relation to the East Coast Earthquake activity. There is a place called the Colorado Plateau and it seemed to be resistant and and the Earthquakes were happening either to the left or right. Texas is a path and probabaly equally relational to the Carribean plate. There is a Rhyme to the reason and an abvious path.


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