18 Responses to Inferno: Russian weapons shipment enroute to Syria, 90 massacred in renewed shelling

  1. Brittainy says:

    TThis is so so sad,,its like an extermination on these HUMAN BEINGS. Pray for peace .and pray for the innocent


  2. atterro says:


    This is genocide. So it’s not even a war anymore, it’s an open extermination.


  3. ONTHEMARK55 says:

    Looks like were going to witness another “Arab Spring”. Has there every been a time in history that man wasn’t warmongering?


  4. Rob says:

    Was it here that I read the article about the US supplying Al Kayder, in Syria, with money & arms?


  5. Betsy Weggesser says:

    This is what happens when they let THUGS LIKE RUSSIA AND CHINA IN and RUN THE UNITED NATIONS!!! EVIL IS WHAT EVIL DOES !!! WE OUGHT TO DISBAND THE UN BECAUSE they are of no use to the likes of innocent people being slaughtered in their own homes and towns and Countries in which they live!!! This is a form of population control and it makes me very angry that the US and other free nations aren’t stepping in !!! Are they waiting for a certain number of murders to take place before they will engage ??? PRAY THE ROSARY EVERY DAY! TO BRING GODS PEACE IN THE HEARTS OF MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN !!!


    • Were with you praying the rosary, but we haven’t been free for a while. Communism has spread just like Our Lady of Fatima said it would if Russia wasn’t consecrated to The Sacred Heart of Jesus. Keep praying it will happen yet before all are lost.
      in Christ, Caroline


      • Betsy Weggesser says:

        It seems there is so much hatred everywhere in the world and I do agree that because the Consecration of Russia to the Imaculated Heart Of Mary has not been done properly, we are now feeling the brunt of not doing so. Although POPE JOHN PAUL II tried to get it done in the proper way…. He ran into a few brick walls which prevented it from taken place!!! I think, the Blessed Mother is Praying for us all, and many graces come when we continue to perservere in our PRAYERS !!!



  6. The UN has proved again to be completely ineffectual with its resolutions and peace brokering, is it not irony that while Russia is supporting Syria with arms shipments, they are ingadged in joint military exercises with the US.

    It is genocide indeed, not only from the point of the Syrian government towards its own people but because of the climate of war within its borders, sectarian genocide is also taking place within the general population,
    which fits neatly into the government’s plans.

    All through this I keep being reminded of Kosovo Conflict/ War,
    My heart breaks for all the pain, horror and sorrow all the innocents have endured and continuing to endure.


  7. Dennis E. says:

    There will be no peace. If this conflict is spilling over into Lebanon as reported, sooner or later and somehow, Israel will get involved. However, I am wondering why Russia needs to send weapons to Syria?

    Surely it has a deeper stockpile than this? And these are just ill supplied/equipped rebels? On the other hand, this move seems to express their need for this regime to survive.


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      War/arms=$$$$$$$$$$$, Russia arms Syria, U.S. arms Saudi Arabia, China arms N. Korea and every emerging African Nation incorporates an AK47 on their Flag! I wonder if the’re required to pay royalties for the image? Oh, and every 30 years or so they change sides just to break up the monotony


  8. Tom says:

    According to prophecy, damascus, one of the worlds oldest cities will cease to exist. All buildings will be turned to grain of sand
    Tomorrow or 2060?


    • ONTHEMARK55 says:

      With the military buildup in the Middle East (surrounded on all sides) and the rhetoric comming from the powers in the North and East, looks sooner than later. Date and time TBA.


      • It’s looking like a countdown to unmitigated mayhem more each day —- all this against a backdrop of a wave of banks crashing in the Eurozone and Greece running out on money in about 3 more weeks and is faced with default. There are worst scenarios the planet could be in…but right now, I can’t think of any.


  9. Lance says:

    Legitimizing Global Tyranny: Moving Towards World Government



  10. Betsy Weggesser says:

    Lance, THANKYOU for the article on the NWO!!! I remember Bush making the statement “and, We will have a NWO” . It gave me the CHILLS !!! We all have to pray for these people who think they know what’ best for us !!! There will much to suffer if this comes to fruition!!!


  11. suz says:

    War….it worked in the last great depression. We were deep in a depression from 1929 – 1939 and there was no end in sight. Then the federal government imposed rationing, recruited 6 million defense workers (including women and African Americans), drafted 6 million soldiers, and ran massive deficits to fight World War II did the Great Depression finally end.


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