New quake shakes nervous Christchurch, sending shoppers fleeing into the streets

May 25, 2012CHRISTCHURCH, NZNervous shoppers fled into the streets when a 4.7-magnitude earthquake rattled the New Zealand city of Christchurch, halting rebuilding work following last year’s tremor that killed 185. These were no immediate reports of damage or injuries and police and ambulance services said they had received no calls for assistance. The quake struck at 12.44pm (AEST) at a shallow depth of eight kilometres about 25 kilometres east of New Zealand’s second largest city, the US Geological Survey said. The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, which is overseeing reconstruction after the deadly 6.3 tremor in February last year, said it suspended demolition work in the city centre as a precaution. Christchurch has experienced thousands of aftershocks in the past 18 months, delaying efforts to rebuild and further unsettling residents. –The Australian
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9 Responses to New quake shakes nervous Christchurch, sending shoppers fleeing into the streets

  1. Z says:

    This has been downsized! shows this quake was 5.2 at 11km depth & the Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app “NZ Quakes”(which apparently gets its info from also) says it was a 5.5 at 10km’s. Lol So, who’s telling the truth?


    • They both are. The USGS system and NZ Geonet are different. The same is true in Europe. After seeing this data for awhile, you get use to seeing the differential. Bulgaria also showed the May 22nd quake as a 6.0 whereas the USGS rated the quake in the 5 magnitude range.


  2. English is my second language…If you go every day to the smart “Christchuch Quake Map”, you will find that all this month have been very active. We live, precisely, in a “S” FRACTURE. And, for me, the interactions time-space between small ones (2,3,4, M ranges) are more relevant, as well as their location and depth, in terms of what to expect of big events that will happen, anyway. That means: any quake, small or large, must be seen in the context of a historical PATTERN, because what is happening in the Canterbury Plains is in response to the “behaviour” of the Alpine Fault, (from where the vertical and horizontal lines of faults are spreading), and in relation to the quakes and volcanos of the North and the South Islands (eg: QUAKE MAP NEW ZEALAND). And all that. must be seen in the context of the world patterns, triggered by the Pacific “Ring of Fire” (specially Japan, spreading its daily tensions to all the continents, (see, eg: IRIS SEISMIC MONITOR). I know what is coming soon: in my mother country and in my adoptive country, but I don’t have an arc… and… Where to go, anyway?
    Yesterday, this one was horryfying: 5.5M 10km 25/5/2012 14:44 (444-555?)


  3. radiogirl says:

    I was hoping New Zealanders might have thier country be a port in the storm……but it looks like New Zealand will be facing continued changes of enormous proportions as well.Beautiful country with wonderful people.


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