North Korea to boost nuclear deterrent after U.S. pressure

May 23, 2012NORTH KOREA North Korea intensified its war of words against the United States on Tuesday, vowing to strengthen its nuclear deterrent after Washington warned Pyongyang of further sanctions if it did not abandon its atomic program. Last week, world leaders meeting in the United States said North Korea needed to adhere to international norms on nuclear issues and that it would face deeper isolation if it “continues down the path of provocation.” The North’s foreign ministry spokesman served notice via the official KCNA news agency on Tuesday that it would “bolster its nuclear deterrent as long as the United States was continuing with its hostile policies” and that it planned “countermeasures” following pressure from Washington. Under new leader Kim Jong-un, Pyongyang tried but failed to launch a long range rocket called Unha in April, breaking an agreement with the United States that would have traded food aid for access to its nuclear facilities, among other things. Many experts now believe the reclusive North is preparing for a third nuclear test, and could even use highly enriched – or weapons-grade – uranium for the first time. U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said on Tuesday that North Korea appeared to be making rapid progress in upgrading its Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground at a site also known as Musudan-ri. Satellite images “strongly suggest that this new pad is designed to launch rockets larger than the recently tested Unha, either more capable, liquid-fueled space launch vehicles or missiles with intercontinental ranges,” the Washington-based institute said on its website, 38 North. Experts say North Korea already possesses enough fissile material from plutonium for at least six nuclear bombs. U.S. Special Representative for North Korea Policy Glyn Davies told reporters in Seoul on Monday that Pyongyang could expect “a swift and sure” reaction by the international community if it undertook further hostile actions. –Reuters
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4 Responses to North Korea to boost nuclear deterrent after U.S. pressure

  1. tony solara says:

    The GOG and MAGOG group leading this circus by the begining of a saveur. Who are GOG and MAGOG group?, well, they are from the KHazar empire, the mixed with the JUDE’s by too become what they are (Rockefeler, Rothchield…all of then Gollen). Wash out my friends!


  2. nickk0 says:

    Meanwhile, the N.Korean people, will starve even more…. If that’s even possible
    BUT HEY, they’ll be armed and ready for US !! 😐


  3. buff24seven says:

    i work in a steel mill and we buy a lot of carbide rolls from North Korea… i see what they have been doing with the money.


  4. Brian K. Lupton says:

    North Korea has been, and always will be a military and political problem for the rest of the world!!! They are an isolated, and a DANGEROUS HARDCORE COMMUNIST SOCIETY!!! Their leadership under a young PUPPET COMMUNIST DICTATOR; who is actually controlled by the military and his Uncle(Mentor?!) will never give up until the whole Korean Peninsula is under communist, North Korea’s communist rule!!!


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